Get to know me :)


Hey everyone and welcome to my blog!

Well this is me, Zane, I’m 26 years old and 10 months (that extra few months always seemed to be so important when you were wee) and I live in Northern Ireland.

Things I love are . . .

Baking – mostly cupcakes, but I have been known to make the odd cake and not forgetting cake pops. Although this year 2013 I’m going to expand on my baking, recreate some of the things that remind me of my childhood, those tray bakes my mum would have made us and packet in our lunch boxes for school.

Nail art – these are nails I chose for Christmas. I do tend to change my nails probably about once a week, I get bored really quickly and enjoy changing them, even though it can at times get a bit frustrating!

Crafting – I love crafting it’s something that calms me and I get so much pleasure from. This ‘LOVE’ was for my bedroom wall, took me about a year to actually get round to doing but something I want to keep creating and to get better on the sewing machine . . . This was my first attempt, bit hit and miss but at least it looks homemade.

Photography – I love taking pictures with a passion! It drives my family and friends mad! This is a passion I inherited from my papa and definitely a skill that was past on to me. To me pictures are snippets of time, memories that have been created. A glance at a photograph can take you like a time machine back to the very place and moment of time! Pictures always make me smile!

Cooking – so this was my attempt at a Wagamama style children ramen I made for New Year’s Day. One of my New Years resolutions is to cook more meals from the millions of cookbooks I’ve collected over the years, not just flick through them and put them away. So keep an eye out for pictures and updates.

Shoes – Yes this massive pile I suppose you could call it is my shoe collection! I love shoes, in my mind you can never have too many and shoes will never make you look fat! The higher the better!!

Jewellery – one thing a girl cannot live without is jewellery and accessories! I have a huge amount, drawers and boxes full!

So these are the main things I love, my interests and this is what my blogs will hopefully consist of. I hope you will enjoy 🙂

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