Today’s blog has been inspired by a couple of my friends commenting on how much they love this site/app and the other not knowing about it. So I thought I would introduce you all to Pinterest, and for those of you who use it already share the passion.


Pinterest was a website my friend’s neighbour actually introduced me to years ago, I took a quick look, didn’t really understand it or take any time to understand it and left it, until about 6 months ago. Now I am totally hooked! I have it on my phone, my ipad and I use it on my computer. I think it’s an American website (although I could be wrong, so please let me know) and has so many areas to look at, so be warned, once you start, it can be hard to stop! In general it’s a site/app of people’s interests. You can ‘pin’ up your interests or those you share with others onto your own personal page, or just click the little like or heart button for those you obviously like. The majority of the time, apart from the odd glitch when you double click on the picture of the interest you like it will automatically take you to the website it came from.

So what does it look like?


On my app on my phone (free download on google play) it looks like this.


On the computer/ Internet it looks like this and can be found at


On my ipad it looks like this. All pretty similar really and very easy to use. The areas of interest seem to be endless, I had thought I would list them for you, but when I seen how many there were I thought I’d just take these pictures instead.



I find Pinterest excellent for inspiration when it comes to my baking and crafting. The main areas I tend to visit are; DIY & Crafts, food & drink, education, photography, home and hair & beauty. However if I’m looking for something in particular there is a search area, or when i cant decide what to look at I click the ‘popular’ tab. This Christmas I actually tried out some of the gift ideas I had seen and they all went down really well. They turned out great, we’re cheap to make and was something different (I think this is because of the whole possible American thing).

So whether you are looking for some inspiration, killing some time or just fancy a nosey at something different check out Pinterest, go on give it a go and let me know what you think.



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