Easy flowers – nail tutorial


Kebab stick Flowers

Here are a couple of examples of the kebab stick nails, you can either do a single flower or a few flowers on each nail or completely cover your nails in flowers. Now I’m going to show you how to do this technique.

step one

Ensure your nails are clean of any oils or nail polish. At this stage you can either apply a clear nail polish to your nails or a pale/lighter colour to the colours you have chosen for your flowers.

As my acrylic overlay is growing out I decided to apply a pale pink nail polish over my nail.

step two

Using your kebab/cocktail stick make a centre dot for your flower by dipping the stick into a blob of polish on either an unwanted surface or piece of old plastic.

I used an old envelope.

I also chose a pale yellow as the centre of my flower.

step three

Clean your stick and using the same technique as step two chose a different colour for the petals of your flower. You are then going to place dots around the centre dot of your flower.

I chose a nice coral pink colour, don’t worry if your flower is not perfect, it does not matter 🙂

step four

This step is optional, you may decide to just paint one flower on your nail but you can also repeat the above technique and add more flowers to your nail.

I decided to alternate the different colours of my flowers and kept them around the side of my nail. As you can see some of the flowers are just half a flower (the purple one).

step five

Once the polish has completely dried and set paint a top coat over your nails to seal them.


So that’s it guys, easy peasy, super quick and really effective! It can also be nice as something extra on your french manicure, or perhaps to add a bit of glam to your toes.



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