Nigella with a healthy twist

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Nigella Lawson! Her food is AMAZING, she’s a real woman, has a womanly shape and is so passionate about cooking and baking. This post is inspired by Nigella and puts a slightly healthier twist on her quick and easy ‘pasta risotto with peas and pancetta’. On page 43 of her Nigellissima cook book.

With my tiny changes this recipe is really healthy, quick and easy, on slimming world extra easy plan this would be free alongside your daily Healthy A. So what does it look like?

What you will need . . .
– fry light spray
– garlic
– bacon cut into chunks with the fat removed (I used lardons and removed the fat)
– 150g frozen peas
– 250g orzo pasta
– 625ml boiling water
– salt and pepper to taste (with the bacon, you really don’t need very much salt)
– 2 tbsp grated Parmesan (your HEA)

You may be wondering what orzo pasta is. It’s a small pasta that looks a bit like rice and has a kind of similar texture and you can now get it in any supermarket.

What to do . . .
1. In a heavy based pan, wok or large frying pan (something that will fit all the ingredients) heat up a little fry light.
2. Add the bacon, stirring until it becomes crisp and bronzed, add the garlic and frozen peas, stir until the frozen look leaves the peas.
3. Add the orzo, give it a stir and make sure it is covered with all the juices and garlic in the pan (it will look a bit shiny)
4. Add the water and simmer stirring the odd time for about 10 minutes until the pasta is cooked, you may need a little more time and to add a little more boiling water.
5. When the pasta is ready the contents of the pan should have a similar resemblance to risotto, soft and starchy. Add your Parmesan and pepper and stir. Serve immediately.

And there you go, quick, easy and extremely yummy!


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