Go get your ingredients for Monday! ❤Love heart shortbread❤

This is your preparation call! Get out this weekend and buy these ingredients to make some beautiful, tastey, love heart shortbread biscuits for your valentine next Thursday!


These biscuits are so quick and easy that even a novice could make. These I made with my little cousins and they found them very easy to make. A great activity for a rainy day!

This is what you need to go out and get . . .

-corn flour
-self raising flour
-icing sugar
-baking powder
-jam or Nutella (whatever you want for your filling)

For the heart shaped cutters, I got mine in Asda last week for £1, although I’m sure if you look around you could pick some up somewhere else.

That’s all you need so go out and get those ingredients! No excuses, I will give you the recipe on Monday! 🙂

Lots of love