Keep em sweet – Valentine gift ideas

This blog is to give inspiration for Valentine’s day. I apologise now that I’m only doing this blog now, I really should have had it up at least a week ago but as a baby, first time blogger I didn’t plan well. I shall learn from my mistakes in the future. Perhaps though this blog will give you some ideas for last minute shopping!  A lot of the ideas I have here are my personal ones, but hopefully there would be something your loved one would like.


For her

Flowers, something special, I don’t mean spend a fortune, but at the same time not petrol station flowers, even if her favourite smell is petrol! Just a simple bunch of her favourite flowers, either from a florist or supermarket, just remember to remove the price!

I thought this mega cute and something a little different from the typical teddy – £3.50 from Marks and Spencer

I thought this was really cute too, a key to his heart, perhaps attach a key to your house or his house to it – £5 from Marks and Spencer

Oh my word, these have to be the best thing ever! My boyfriend and I are one of those couples who always hold hands, but it sucks on freezing days if we have no gloves, or one of us has and the other doesn’t, so we either get cold hands or have to walk with out hands in our pockets. 😦 This glove would be just what we need but I’m afraid £15 for them, again from Marks and Spencer is a bit steep and unaffordable when on a budget.

I really liked the simplicity of this mate metal heart bangle from Forever21 for £3.15 (excluding any postage and packaging)

I thought these Love heart stamps were pretty cool, and could be used again and again, perhaps a gift for those crafters out there.  Not too bad a price for £8 from The Cross –

I love this funky heart necklace, its so vivid in colour and something different for your loved one with a quirky taste – this is from an American website geeksugar and is $20, roughly about £12.50 before delivery.

I found this uber cute pug ‘n’ kisses pillow on ebay for £16.99, I am pretty much obsessed with pugs at the min, I’m dying to have one of my own, so this would be perfect on my bed or to add a personal, quirky touch to your sofa.

This is a love bird wren necklace, made by UK jewellery makers and sold on the Glover and Smith website.  It look so sweet and dainty, something a little special for the loved one in your life, £35.75 (before postage and packaging) 18* Sterling silver chain.  This would be something she could wear again, and again and keep for years.

Love heart lip balms by MUA and sold in Superdrug shops.  The balms come in a range of 5 colours and are a total bargain at £2 each!

This Love necklace can be found on Etsy, again an American design, $15 which would work out at under £10.  It’s something a little different and a good price for costume jewellery.

I love this idea for a phone cover, I’ve placed it in the ‘for her’ section, but it might be nice for a dad, pictures of his wife and children, although I don’t know how many would like it in a heart shape, where as she would no doubt love this, with pictures of you and her, her friends, family and perhaps children.  Again found on the American website geeksugar and $35 so roughly about £22.50 before postage and packaging.

This is a ring that I have admired for ages! You can get a range of them all over the place, this one I found on Etsy and is $17, just over £10 before postage and packaging.  If your other half is a fan of the American show Revenge, I’m sure they will love this ring!

Why not let your other half show off her love for you by wearing these earrings with your initial on them or be a little more traditional and get them with her initial, again from Etsy and at 19$, about £12 before postage and packaging.  Although boys I am warning you do not give these to her in a little box, most definitely not on Valentine’s day, you don’t want to give her the wrong idea!!!


Is this perhaps something you say to your girlfriend, or just find the saying sweet and know it would be one she would love? Then why not head to Etsy and pick her one up.  Now it is a bit more pricey at 46$, about £30, but it is made out of Sterling silver and has a Swarovski crystal pearl.

For couples

Do you and your other half love a good cup of tea? Then why not head to John Lewis and invest in a box of these cute ‘You are my cup of tea’ teabags for £4.

To go along with your tea bags, how about his and hers mugs, although I would love either one, I have a little problem with moustaches lol.  These mugs are £5 each from Marks and Spencer.

I think this tea cup is actually supposed to go alongside the teabags above, however it is from a totally different place, and costs £8.50.

I had showed you a key to my heart present above, however these are a little different and can be personalised, again from they are £8.50.

I thought these Lego heart necklaces were cool, a new touch on the half heart (one for you and one for your best friend or other half) necklaces.  These I found on Etsy for $12 or £7.60 before postage and packaging.

With this cold, miserable weather, these could be the most amazing, yet practical prezzie for Valentine’s Day, plus you are giving to charity!!! Yes, I found these on the British Heart Foundations page, and at a steal for £6.99 in the sale!

For him, but could quite easily be for her too

I thought these sweets were a pretty good idea for the guys, sweets, can you ever really go wrong?  Although for £16.99 on I think it is way too expensive!!! I would advise you google how to make a box from card, get to Poundland and pick up some card, then go to your local sweetie shop and pick up some of his favourite loose sweets and decorate the boxes yourself.

I love this cookie stamp from Papercase for £10, a little pricey, but I’ve not seen others in the shops for any cheaper.  This would be perfect for the chef/baker in your life.


Is your man into music like mine? I seen this and thought it would be perfect for my other half before we decided on no presents.  I found this on Etsy for £12.74, not badly priced I thought!

I hope this gives you some ideas for gifts for Valentine’s Day, I apologise once again for not having it up earlier! I found all these online, and it will probably be too late to order them and have them delivered on time, but perhaps you will pick them up in the shops or something similar at least.  However if you are on a tight budget, or have decided like myself and my other half not to buy presents, then how about making a romantic dinner, having a night in, spending time together, go for a nice walk, watch your favourite film, sending them your favourite picture and telling them how much you love them?

Tomorrow I will blog how to make your own handmade Valentine’s cards, they will be easy, cheap and loved.  Everyone would rather have a homemade, handmade card rather than on you can buy in the shops!

lots of love


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