Give them a Grammy for that outfit? My review of the Grammy’s fashion 2013

20130211-153547.jpg Today’s blog is inspired by the fashion from the Grammy awards. Mum and I sat last night and watched the red carpet on E! These are a few of the outfits that caught my eye and my opinions on them . . . 20130211-153622.jpg This by far has to be my favourite outfit of the night! Carrie Underwood looked just stunning in this Roberto Cavalli dress, it looks so elegant, stunning and sexy, creates a statement and shows off her beautiful body shape. 20130211-153629.jpg Next is Rihanna wearing Alaia. Compared to her look last year she looks so beautiful in this stunning red dress and classy flowing hairstyle. I love how she let the statement be the dress and her figure and kept the jewellery and diamonds to a minimum. 20130211-153646.jpg Kathy Griffin I thought for her age (even though she has had work done) looked classy and elegant in this Oscar de le Renta dress. Yes she had he chest out, but her hair down hairstyle seemed to soften the whole look and my eyes at least were drawn to the dress rather than her chest. 20130211-153659.jpg I thought this dress Bonnie McKee wore was beautiful for that slightly alternative, different look. I wouldn’t say this was a ‘typical’ red carpet dress, yet it looks stunning and elegant. 20130211-153707.jpg I loved, loved, loved the fact that Beyoncé went for a trouser suit, I think she looks so classy and elegant and oh my word did it show off her amazing body, especially in the 360 degree camera! I think this Osman outfit looks so simple, yet eye catching. 20130211-153724.jpg Oh my word, Faith Hill, just look at this woman and J. Mendel, doesn’t she just look stunning?! Most definitely showing of the beauty in a LBW (little black dress). 20130211-153740.jpg Now I always love Katy Perry, she is so stunning and beautiful! She said this dress was inspired by Priscilla Presley when she was married to Elvis. I love the colour of the dress, and wow look at her body but I just don’t know about the chest area. I don’t really think this Gucci dress does anything for her boobs, to me they look like she could benefit from a bra, and there is just too much to look at with the embellishment on the next line and her boobs. 20130211-153749.jpg Oh Adele! I’m so glad she wore colour instead of her traditional black and I love how fab her body shape is and how beautiful the colour is on her. However I’m in two minds about the print on this Valentino dress, it looks like something you’d find at your granny’s either as the sofa, curtains or carpet. Although I do think it kind of suits her and the photos I seen of her with other people and not posing like this, front on it looked nice. I would say this dress is a bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it. 20130211-153759.jpg I did like Carrie Kegan’s dress, the colour was warm and stunning, not at all garish. The shape was also beautiful on her, but what is with those shoes? I think they look horrible with the outfit and really takes away from the whole look. 20130211-153910.jpg J-LO seriously what are you wearing?! I know the CBS wardrobe department sent out guidelines, that yes like you said, said nothing about baring your leg, but seriously you are rebelling or showing off a little too much! I think this Zuhair Murhad dress looks very cheap and tacky and that split in the leg is far too much, I mean how long ago did Angelina Jolie do it? Seriously J-LO that ship has sailed!! 20130211-153915.jpg I really didn’t like this J. Mendel dress on Taylor Swift, she just looks far to skinny in it, and I don’t like how you can see all her bones and her rib cage. I also wasn’t too keen on the colour, I think the dress is ok, just not on her. 20130211-153953.jpg Another look I didn’t like was Carly Rae Jepsen in Roberto Cavalli, I just think it looks far to plain and dark on her. Perhaps if she had worn her hair up and added a bit more colour with her makeup and sparkle with some jewellery. 20130211-154000.jpg Florence Welch, I’m sorry but all I can say about your Givenchy dress is that you look like a dinosaur! Yes the colour suits you and studs are all in, but in this combination all I can say is NO! 20130211-154010.jpg A lot of people were ranting and raving about how great they thought Natasha Bedingfield looked in this Emerson dress, but I have to disagree. I don’t know if it’s the shade of red or the shape of it, I just didn’t think it looked that flattering and stunning. 20130211-154016.jpg Perhaps this was Kimbra’s first Grammy Award, but I think someone forgot to tell her that it wasn’t a fancy dress party! I think this Jamie Lee Major dress could have been nice with out all that blue gauze stuff coming off it, but really :s If Kimbra’s aim was to stand out, I would most definitely have to say she succeeded, but not in a good way! 20130211-154023.jpg I really liked this outfit Kaley Cuoco wore but I just don’t think it was very Grammy like, it wasn’t really stunning or elegant, I thought more like dressed up casual. Nice outfit, wrong place. 20130211-154032.jpg I have to say Kat Von D’s Derek Lam dress made her look like she was wearing a picnic blanket. 20130211-154048.jpg I think Alexa Chung’s outfit looks totally out of season and more like something she would wear to go out shopping! 20130211-154056.jpg I’m in two minds about Estelle’s outfit, the dress is nice and eye catching, but perhaps a little casual in a way, like I don’t think it’s very eye catching, perhaps if she had accessorised with some bright or sparkly jewellery would have lifted the whole outfit. 20130211-154103.jpg Yet again we have someone who I think just decided on their outfit to break the CBS rules. I don’t understand why the full bottom part of this dress is see through and showing off Ashanti’s pants! I think the dress would have been beautiful if even half of it had a sheer skirt to the knee and perhaps full length without the floaty bits. 20130211-154111.jpg

Oh my word, this outfit is hideous, it looks like something you would wear at a fancy dress party! Remove those sleeves and perhaps it could have been ok, but really this is a total no-no, who tells these people they look good in these outfits?!


In a “wardrobe advisory,” broadcaster CBS also asked musicians and audience members likely to appear on camera at the February 10 Grammy Awards ceremony to avoid wearing brand names on T-shirts as well as clothing with political or activist slogans.

“Please be sure that buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered. Thong type costumes are problematic. Please avoid exposing bare flesh under curves of the buttocks and buttock crack,” said the memo issued by CBS standards and practices department and obtained by entertainment industry website on Wednesday.

“Obscenity or partially seen obscenity on wardrobe is unacceptable for broadcast,” the note added.

The warning follows a lengthy court battle over indecency and obscenity standards on U.S. network television.

You see what I mean now? I think a good few of these people picked their outfits to rebel against the memo!!! What are your opinions, do you agree or disagree with me? Please comment and let me know, I’d love to hear from you!!

Lots of love


2 thoughts on “Give them a Grammy for that outfit? My review of the Grammy’s fashion 2013

  1. Awesome! I have not seen the Grammys yet! Yours is the first blog I’ve read on the fashion so far. I loved Rihanna in that dress. She looks so beautiful and classy. She should definitely step out like this more often. This is the most beautiful she has ever looked to me. I quite like Taylor’s dress, although, il be honest that I haven’t seen it in its entirety so I probably haven’t seen the full picture. I think taylor likes to look skinny. I find all her outfits seem to highlight the bony bits xoxo

    1. Exactly! She probably is a naturally skinny girl but showing off all her bony bits doesn’t look good, looking at her, it probably sounds weird, but she makes me feel cold, the colour of the dress is cold looking against her skin I think. And yes Rihanna should dress more classy like that all the time, she looks so beautiful! Xx

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