Three little words . . . I LOVE YOU! ❤


Today is traditionally the day of love. This blog is inspired by couples and their love for each other. reading these stories and profiles has left a smile on my face and I hope it does the same for you! I want to thank my friends on Facebook for helping me to do this blog, without you this wouldn’t be possible! And to apologise for pestering the life out of you all, but hopefully seeing this will be reward for you, and make it all worth it! Xxx

❤Ryan & Zane
❤In a relationship and basically engaged
❤Officially been together 3 and a half years, unofficially 3 years 8 months
❤’Our song’ is Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, because it was playing in the background of Belfast Castle after one of our dates and because I told him I loved him for the first time during it when we were seeing Snow Patrol live at the Waterfront
❤Our first date was to see The Hangover at Dublin Road followed by drinks after
❤He eventually asked me out lol
❤I love him because he’s the one person I can be 100% myself with, he makes me laugh, treats me like a princess, he’s my best friend, my soul mate, my other half, he always gives me butterflies, makes me feel safe, he’s stuck by me through good and bad and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him!

❤Dan & Sarah
❤In a relationship
❤Been together 3 years 1 month officially, 3 years 7 months unofficially
❤Never really had one song to call ‘ours’, but anything by saw doctors will remind me of her.
❤We didnt really have a first date, but it probably would have been a dinner date.
❤I asked her out (she made me)
❤I love her because we fit together and its just so easy even though we are apart most of the time.

❤Maria and John Paul (JP)
❤In a relationship and living together
❤We’ve been together 3 years in april after a short gap
❤’Our song’ is mumford and son little lion man as its the song jp sang to me when we got back together after our break apart. jp was apologizing for breaking up with me and trying to portray he had made a mistake!
❤As of yet im still waiting on a proper date, because we were friends before hand we never went through a dating phase. jp does make me dinner and clean up the house as gestures of how he cares.
❤John paul asked me out…and persevered very hard until i agreed! the first time i kept dropping hints at him and our friends to ask me.
❤I love him because of the fact he can always make me laugh, that he accepts my insecurities, he helps support me through any issues and is really helpful, thoughful and kind.

❤Marta and Patrick.
❤In a relationship
❤Been together 4 years
❤First date was to the cinema to watch 7 pounds!
❤He asked me out lol
❤Our song is Jordan sparks one step at a time😊 because we didn’t know if things would work as we lived far away from each other!
❤I love him cause he knows how to make me smile even when I’m at my lowest point! He’s a big softie with a big heart! ❤

❤Caroline and James
❤Been married for 3 years in april, been together for almost 9 years
❤Our song is savage garden truley madley deeply that was our wedding song
❤We also went out with each other for a while when we were 14 haha, we bumped into each other on a nite out in Bangor and it sort of all went from there, so 9 years later we have two babies and our married
❤I love James because he would do anything for the 3 of us awww! 😊

❤Ali and Richard
❤In a relationship
❤Been together 2 years
❤Our song is Lighthouse Family – High (soppy but as I’m away at uni it’s good to listen to!)
❤Our first date was to the cinema but I fell asleep because I was hungover lol so had to have a second ‘first’ date a few days later where we got a Maud’s and a walked all along the seafront in Bangor
❤Richard asked me out but there is debate as he thinks I didn’t give him any other choice when I told him someone asked what was going on between us and I said: “I said I didn’t know because I don’t know what’s going on, do I?” Can’t blame a girl for not be a mind reader, eh?! Haha.
❤I love him for lots of different things but mainly his ability to buy the world’s best/worst presents, eg. a One Direction hoody that says ‘THE FUTURE MRS HARRY STYLES’ and a Christmas card for my birthday because it was cheaper than a birthday card etc. But also because he knows exactly how to make me laugh and smile when I want to hate him lol!

❤Richard and Andrea
❤Been together 10 1/2 years
❤Our song is Coldplay in my place, as it was our first concert together and both loved that song. It was out first dance on our wedding day
❤First date, hard question lol to the cinema
❤He asked me out
❤Richard is my best friend, he makes me very happy. We have two lovely children. Words can’t describe how he makes me feel, I am very glad I met him and would be lost without him.

❤Jayne and Craig Headland
❤Married (10months)
❤Been together 5 years
❤Our song, we have quite a few mixed CDs of songs which remind us of each other but the song that stands out the most is Adele Make You Feel My Love which we also had for our first dance.
❤For our first date we have a running joke that we don’t do dates because we always seemed to be out with other people. The first date we really remember was a double date with Craigs brother and sister in law where we went to an Indian restaurant and saw a movie.
❤Who asked who out: neither, we got close and started spending a lot of time together. When we booked a holiday together for after my uni finals Craigs mum said we must be more than friends and started telling people we were together.
❤I love Craig because he makes me laugh, we laugh at the same jokes and love playing pranks on each other (particularly scaring each other). We have the same family values and have so many other things in common. We fit and when we are together everything just feels right!
❤Craig said, “ditto (we have so much in common that she always says what I am going to say)”

❤Irsa and Andrew
❤Been together over 2 years
❤We don’t really have a song because I listen to Iranian music and he listens to punk rock lol
❤Our first date was at Mailbox, we had a drink but Andrew dressed so badly and I wasn’t impressed with his trainers because I was properly dressed up. By that time I was certain I didn’t want to see him again, he wasn’t my usual type: tall, dark, well dressed and a gentleman
❤He asked me out
❤I love him because he’s not like any of my exes and I could see that he was really caring and loving and I was never treated right in my previous relationships. It made me really like him then slowly fell in love with him and his character. I never dated an English/Irish guy before Andrew and it was such a new experience and so different from European and Iranian guys! There are many reasons but his caring made me like him and be with him at the start.

❤Gary & Chad
❤Been together 6.5 years
❤Our song is Something About You – Jamelia, because I’m naturally a very shy person & don’t think much of myself, Chad told me that the songs lyrics described me & our relationship 😊 It was the 1st song he ever bought me on cd 😊
❤We never had a first date lol! We skipped the dating stage and just met up to go out clubbing while both pretending to have no interest in the other….that lasted 1 night lol 😊
❤Who Asked Who Out: Chad asked me out…well when I say asked me out it went a little something like this: Chad – Waow you’ve REALLY grew into your looks, Gary – Thanks *looks around*, Chad – Talk to you later?, Gary – Ok, Later on….., Gary – So how many have u pulled tonight then?, Chad – A few but I havn’t pulled the top prize just yet…., Gary – And who would that be?, Chad – You
Total cheese fest of a line but I fell for it and then we had our first kiss….the rest is history 😊
❤What make me love Chad: He’s the other half of me, when he’s not around I feel like I’ve been split in two and I’m never content until we’re back together. He’s my soulmate 😊

❤Tina and Scot Allan
❤We have been together for 5 years and married for 3
❤Our song would be amazing ( westlife ) because as the song goes “we could be more than just amazing ” and from this moment ( Shania twain ) because we knew when we met …. from the moment we met we knew we would be togther forever! I walked up the ilse to this song!
❤We didnt really ask each other out we met on a night out in portadown … I had come from bangor and Scot had come from larne and we bumped into each other when Scot left his coat at my table. He came to bangor to meet the next week and we never looked back…. he moved in after 5 weeks, we got engaged after 7 months and we were married 12 months after we got engaged! We got married on the 09.09.2009!
❤Why do I love him…because he is my everything!

❤Catherine and Eamon
❤Been together 8years this halloween
❤Our song, God we’ve so many, metallica- nothing else matters, misfits- helena, johnny cash and june carter- it aint me babe, patsey cline- walking after midnight, dolly parton and burt reynolds- sneaking around, cara dillon- black is the colour, type o negative- black #1, and IfI prove false by Cara Dillon & John Smith. Take your pick lol, we just like singing them together and they remind us of when we first got together
❤We never really dated, we where best friends b4 we went out
❤He asked me out
❤Honestly couldn’t tell you why I love him, he’s my bestfriend, don’t know why I fell in love with him or why I still am, just love him for him I guess?

❤Gerard and Christine
❤Been together almost 8 years and married for almost 5
❤Our song is the Beatles, I’ve just seen a face, it’s special because of how we met, although our wedding song was Paul Weller, You do something to me, because it’s lovely
❤Our first date was in Belfast in California coffee and then a dander around town
❤Gerard approached me for my number and asked me for my number, but I asked if we were ‘official’
❤I love Gerard because he keeps me grounded and has a Ballymena accent . . . SWOON!
❤Gerard said he loves Christine because she’s crazy and keeps me in check

❤Kathleen Moore and David Trimble
❤Been together 7 years
❤Girl From the North Country, Bob Dylan/ (It’s our song at the moment, we’ve had many throughout the years. But this was our first dance at our Wedding song, so it’s why it’s our song now).
❤We haven’t had a 1st date as such… we got together in Ireland when I met him through Gavin and others. I guess you could call him coming to Toronto to visit me about 9 months after we met in Ireland our ‘1st Date’ time. We went out to dinner in a nice Restaurant in TO. But, you know… don’t remember the name of the restaurant! It didn’t matter, I was excited to have him there.
❤He kept in touch with me after we met in Ireland.. so guess you could say, he asked me.
❤What makes me love him? For fear of making this the longest novel sized answer I’ll make it simple, because we are simple. So….Everything.

❤Lewis and Zoe
❤In a relationship
❤Been together 2years in march
❤I picked her up after being let down a few times and we went for a snowball fight lol for our first date
❤I asked her out
❤I love her because she is just a wonderful person but she can do my head in 😊

❤Eoin and Michelle
❤We are in a relationship
❤We have been together for 1 year & 3 months
❤We don’t really have a song…
❤For our first date we went for dinner at sakura, then drank our wee heads off in aunty annies then I walked her home in the rain and we watched south park until 4 in the morning…blame the drink.
❤We kind of asked each other out, kind of just got talking about it.
❤I love her for for ditzyness and kind generous fun loving nature.

❤Emma & Peter
❤Been together 6yrs in may (married in August)
❤Don’t have a song…. Anything with a beat, like tiesto (we are secret ravers shh!!) but chose Jason Marz ‘I won’t give up’ for 1st dance because of lyrics – they sum us up
❤1st official date was dinner in bourbon – we had been out clubbing loads b4 that….not so secret raving!! Lol!!
❤We never did the conventional asking each other out, we were friends first n we decided 1 nite 2 go out 4 dinner n it went from there!!
❤Everything makes me love him, from his most endearing qualities to his most annoying ones!! We are best of friends who wud do anything 4 each other….not bad for 2 people who the 1st time they ever met had a massive disagreement which resorted in them constantly taking the hand out if each other!!

❤Heather and Jamie Cromie
❤We are newly married!
❤Been together for 2 years on 18th June
❤From this moment was our wedding song, just love the words
❤First date was a run in the car trying to think where?! I was the driver as Jamie is a learner!! It was possibly a walk round Bangor marina
❤Jamie bought me a beautiful watch and gave me it on 18th June and then asked me would I be his gf
❤I love everything about him, his hard work, his understanding, his cooking, his cuddles and kisses, his everything 🙂

❤Elizabeth & Simon
❤We’ve been together 10 years and married 5 this June
❤Our song is Jack Johnston Better together because we spend some much time apart cause of Simons Job it reminds us that things are always better when we’re together!
❤I cannot actually remember our first date, how bad is that! Lol Simon asked me out then went back to Glasgow to college the next day so we didn’t see each other for a few weeks! He asked me when he was drunk so I told him if he meant it ring me the next morning at 10 and he did!
❤I love Simon because he knows me inside out, I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else he just completes me and now we have Isaac everything just seems to fit!

❤Christine and Conor
❤We’re engaged
❤We’ve been together 9 years on 15 march
❤We don’t have a song lol
❤Our first date was at the Wildfowler inn dinner
❤I asked Conor out
❤I love him for being an awesome dad and partner. The way he thows his head back when he laughs, for always being able to make me smile, and for being so understanding

❤Emma and Denver
❤Engaged as of 18th Dec 2012 😊
❤Been together since July 2011
❤We have 2 songs! We’re country kids so for a slow one we love ‘Livin on Love’ by Alan Jackson or ‘Then’ by Brad Paisley then for a jivin song we like ‘Fishin in the Dark’ by Nathan Carter/Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. lol ok we realy have 3.
❤1st date we went to cinema in Omagh then went back to my house for tea n pancakes and sat chatting til 5am!
❤Denver asked me out but wanted me 2 drive as he only had a van. I don’t know about anyone else but my rule is that boys pick up girls for first dates, so told him if he wouldn’t lift me someone else would lol I drive a hard bargain. So off we went in his van lol!
❤I love him for so many reasons! He’s my inspiration, keeps me going and reminds me at the end of the day it’s the little things that matter. He’s so good to me and is forever helping other people out. He’s everything I ever imagined and then some 😊 when you know you know 😊

❤Matthew & Judith
❤We first met when we were 17 through friends.
❤He asked me out & I think our 1st date was to a friends house party…. How romantic!! Lol
❤Little did we know 8 years later we would be in NYC where Matthew planned the most amazing surprise engagement!
❤We got married on 5th may 2012 last year.
❤We have lots of songs but we had Harry Connick Jr ‘It had to be you’ for our 1st dance at our wedding. It reminds us of the night we got engaged because we saw him live on broadway just before Matthew proposed on the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge.
❤I love that every day I seem to love him even more. We are two peas in a pod & he is the best friend in the world!

❤Danielle and Gerard
❤We’re in a relationship
❤We have been together 6.5 years 7 this August!
❤Our song is The Script ‘the man who can’t be moved’ because the first time he heard it he thought of me and said if we ever broke up he would go back to the place he met me and wait for me. I have one I always sing to him but I can’t for the life of me remember it! 😞
❤For our first date we went to Tony Romas and it was so awkward because I was afraid to eat in front of him! Plus I drank with my dinner and ended up being sick!
❤I don’t remember anyone asking the other out, it kind of just happened! We just kept meeting up and going for drives and the next thing we were boyfriend and girlfriend! Although he did ask me for a kiss so that was probably the start!
❤I love him because he is just perfect for me! He keeps me sane, he makes me laugh, he’s always there for me when I need him. He knows me inside out and loves me even with all my flaws. He tells me I’m beautiful all the time, even without makeup or if I have panda eyes! He does’nt take any sh!t from me and will never fail to tell me if I’m wrong (he’s not scared of me which I love). He is honestly the best boyfriend I could ever ask for! And of course he gave me the precious gift of our beautiful daughter, I will love him forever for that! 😊

❤John & Sam
❤We are engaged
❤Been together from July 19th 2009.
❤Don’t think we have a song yet.
❤We met on, John emailed me & after a week & having spoken on the phone we met up in Clements, Botanic.
❤He asked me to be girlfriend boyfriend on the 2nd date, outside the Strand cinema after a nice Italian meal in the Victoria Square.
❤I love John because he is original, funny, gorgeous inside & out, genuine, reliable & kind and he really loves me.

❤Kerry and Paul
❤Met at around age 18
❤We were freinds with an attraction.
❤Kissed a few times but moved on staying friendly. By 21 met up again pretty good friends really fancied each other split up with girl/boyfriends in Aug 97 got together.
❤2yrs later got engaged bought a house lived together then got married in 2001.
❤Ist child 2005, second 2008 cancer 2010.
❤He is my best friend, my soul mate, my lover, my life.
❤Don’t remember our first date, or any particular official our song but we enjoy a lot togegher movies, music laughs.

❤Dave and Aly
❤We’ve been married (6 mths next week)
❤Been together 2 years 5mths
❤Our song is You got me by Colbie Calliat….because it came on the iPod one night and we just started having a wee dance and it become our first dance song.
❤We met on a cycling holiday in France… we both went on our own
❤Our first date was 3 days after we came back from France, I’d moved to the same town as Dave straight after holiday (not on purpose I randomly got a job there) and we went to see Inception at the cinema.
❤I asked Dave out well, I said I was going to the cinema on my own and he was welcome to join if he wanted!
❤I love Dave because he is funny and more of a chatterbox than I am! He is really caring and thoughtful and always supporting me with school and masters stuff. And he’s got a lovely smile which melts my wee heart…and I’m loving being his wife!

❤Gavin and Kim
❤We met through a friend on the 9th sept 1997
❤The next day he rang me on home phone and asked me out 🙂 we were inseparable until we split up 3yrs later just young and stupid….on the 16th dec 2006 in Cafe a friend said my bf was there was like what? Then I turned around and there was Gavin, the love of my life, so I slapped him then kissed him and we’ve been together ever since.
❤We have had our ups and downs over the years, but always work it out. We decided early in 2010 to go somewhere nice on hols, and decided on Cuba, then seen that you could get married out there so I asked Gavin if he wanted to get married and he said yes (3rd time lucky lol)
❤We fight, argue, make up and fight for our marriage…it’s the best thing we have ever done. I loved Gavin from the day I met him. I told my dad when I was 17 I’d marry him one day and he laughed.
❤Our families had met before Gavin and I ever did, his sister Karen bought her first car off my dad, my parents line danced with Gavin’s mum Jane and sister Lisa, so I think we were destined to meet 😉 now we are waiting to start the next part of our journey together and we couldn’t be more excited

I started off with my profile for my boyfriend and I, and bless him, he made one for me so I shall finish with his! 😊

❤Ryan and Zane
❤In a relationship (practically engaged)
❤Been together 3 Years 6 Months
❤Our song is ‘Chasing Cars’ we got a coffee one summer night and went to Belfast Castle to relax. There was a wedding in at the time and it was playing. Would have been the perfect time to ask Zane out but it didn’t occur to me haha (whoops!)
❤Our first date was 15 June ’09 Movie House Cinema Dublin Road to see the Hangover then to Auntie Annie’s after for drinks. When Zane dropped me home we hugged, and she felt a spark haha!
❤I asked Zane out, on a bench at Belfast Castle before going on night shift.
❤I love her for the fact that she can be herself around me, and I can relax be random and be myself around her. She’s always there for a talk, funny, unique, mental at times, affectionate and my best friend.

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Lots of love


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