Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Today’s been a busy one so not much time for blogging! Mum and I decorated the kitchen, my first time wallpapering and well I’m good! Must of have a good teacher! Thanks Dad! ūüôā Sunday lunch was made and eaten Followed by homemade pavlova Now to chill and tuck into my eggs!Continue reading “Happy Easter!”

What to do this Easter?

Stuck for something to do this Easter Monday and Tuesday? A day off work and you want to get out and do something?¬† This Monday my boyfriend and I are both off and I wanted to plan to do something fun together, not waste the day.¬† So I decided to look online after hearing thatContinue reading “What to do this Easter?”

Who fancies some High Tea by the sea?

Are you lucky enough to be free this Easter Tuesday? Considering what to do with yourself? Fancy a treat, something chilled out and fun? With tea, coffee and cupcakes? The chance to buy some fab handmade jewellery, or to make it yourself? Then why not visit the Ruby Bijou Studio, it’s their Open Day! DowntonContinue reading “Who fancies some High Tea by the sea?”

Nails by me and on me

I’ve been so busy recently that I have forgotten to show you some of the nail art I’ve been doing on my friend’s nails and my own. Some of these are from my first ever nail art party/night! My friend’s nails My own nails Nails, nails, nails! Fingers crossed I will have some Easter onesContinue reading “Nails by me and on me”

I HATE you so much right now!!!

This blog is more of a rant, I’m peeved off to put it politely and I think I need a good rant! I’m not writing this to get pity or to be a glory seeker/attention seeker, but to share with others that it’s easy to put up a front and put on a performance, butContinue reading “I HATE you so much right now!!!”

Lookin’ good CHICK!

Today I had the first chance to try out some Easter nails inspired by my Easter inspiration blog https://mylifemyblogzane.wordpress.com/?s=easter+nail+inspiration¬†.¬† My lovely friend Lauren let me use her as my model and we had a wee girly avo up at hers doing her nails. These are the finished nails, we have a bit of sparkle, bunnies,Continue reading “Lookin’ good CHICK!”

Easter Eggxtravaganza

Easter is fast approach and the mouths of chocoholics are watering, it must only be time to buy the Easter eggs. These are some eggs I have found online that caught my eye . . . Eggstatic eggs for everyone – click this link to get to this blog . . . https://mylifemyblogzane.wordpress.com/2013/03/27/eggstatic-eggs-for-everyone/ Something aContinue reading “Easter Eggxtravaganza”

Eggs for the little chicklets

These are the eggs I thought were MEGA cute! Something little, just for the kids . . . These are just the websites I came across for these eggs, to get a good bargain this Easter, shop around, you make get them cheaper somewhere else or on offer. If you do find any cheaper orContinue reading “Eggs for the little chicklets”

Eggs minus the MOOOO

Easter can be hard for those who have a dairy intolerance, but fear not, I have found a range of dairy free Easter eggs . . . These are just the websites I came across for these eggs, to get a good bargain this Easter, shop around, you make get them cheaper somewhere else orContinue reading “Eggs minus the MOOOO”