Eggs for the little chicklets


These are the eggs I thought were MEGA cute! Something little, just for the kids . . .

These are just the websites I came across for these eggs, to get a good bargain this Easter, shop around, you make get them cheaper somewhere else or on offer. If you do find any cheaper or somewhere that has them on offer, please comment below and share with everyone else, please!

Milk Chocolate Easter Egg Surprise – £8, John Lewis

Thornton’s Mr Bump Easter Egg – £3, Waitrose

Thornton’s Charlie Chick, Tesco, £4

White Chocolate Bramble Bunny Easter Egg, Thorntons – £3, Asda

Milkybar Barn, Tesco, £4

Kids Easter Gift Collection, Thorntons – £20


Cocoa Loca Bumblebee Milk Chocolate Easter Egg, John Lewis – £12


Milk Chocolate Racing Car Egg, Chocolate – £4.50


White Chocolate Children’s Easter Chick Egg, Chocolate – £5.00


Milk Chocolate Children’s Duckling Egg, Chocolate – £5.00

Thorntons Footy Fanatic Easter Egg

Footy Fanatic Easter Egg, ChocOholic – £3.50

Buy The Cocoabean Company Chocolate Duck with Jumbo Eggs, 100g Online at

The Cocoabean Company Chocolate Duck with Jumbo Eggs, John Lewis – £4

I hope I’ve given you all some help and ideas, I’m sure your mouths are watering and I apologise to anyone on a diet! lol xxx



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