Red and yellow and pink and green, orange and purple and bluuuuueeee

So colour in your hair seems to be a big thing at the minute, and that’s not just from me because I have a big chunk of colour at the front of my hair! 🙂 A lot of my friends have commented on how much they love my colour and that they wish they could do it or pull it off.  So why not try out the big thing of chalking, a 100% semi permanent way of dyeing your hair that will just wash out!

Before deciding to write this blog I had heard of chalking before and new a little bit of how you do it, so I decided that I should research it.  This was the best information I found and the easiest I felt to follow the website from She Knows Best.


Hair chalking is an easy, quick and inexpensive way to add temporary colour to your hair. You can do it yourself without making a big commitment.

David John, master stylist and colourist at the Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon in Los Angeles, offers these hair chalking tips.

Step 1: Buy your chalk

John says that you can buy inexpensive non-oil-based pastels at Michael’s for $5 or spend $60 if you really want to splurge. All you need other than the chalk is a water bottle, protective gloves, towels and a flat iron (straighteners).

Here are some links to buy the chalks online in the UK . . .

Step 2: Prep your hair

Step 2: Prep your hair

Make sure to wet the hair first so the colour will attach to it. However if you’re blonde, do not wet the hair before chalking unless you want the colour to stay in longer.

Step 3: Add the color

Step 3: Add the color

Apply to the chalk to the strand of hair in a downward motion, twist the hair as you chalk. You can try for a fun ombre look, or just do a couple strands.

Step 4: Let it dry

Step 4: Let it dry

While John says that you can blowdry your hair, others recommend air drying so that you don’t blow off the chalk.

Step 5: Set the color

Step 5: Set the colour

Seal the colour in with a flat iron or a curling iron to add waves. Apply hair spray as a final step.

Step 6: Wash it out when you are ready

The colour generally will only last one shampoo; however, if the hair is more porous, such as colour-treated blonde hair, it can last a couple shampoos. You can use a clarifying shampoo or dish soap to remove the colour more quickly — both have more detergent. Don’t use dish soap on your whole head, just on the strands that have been coloured.

TIP!!!! If you want something brighter, you can apply white chalk first and then go over it with the colour you want to make it pop.

Hair chalking don’ts

John also offers these cautions when hair chalking.

  • Don’t apply the chalk with any wax or product in your hair.
  • Don’t use water on blonde hair if you don’t want the colour to last.
  • Wear protective clothing when applying and sleep on an old pillow case as the colour will transfer.
  • Don’t try this near the water/beach or on a rainy day.

Hair chalking tips for your hair colour

  • Blonde — Blondes can have a lot of fun with hair chalk, but they shouldn’t wet their hair first. Read these tips on how to chalk blonde hair.
  • Brown — Brunettes can use any colour hair chalk. With lighter brown hair, the colour will be more intense. Read these tips on how to chalk brown hair.
  • Red — Redheads can chalk their hair, too. They just need to pick the right colours of chalk. Read these tips on how to chalk red hair.
  • Black — Those women with black hair need to pick bright, vibrant shades of chalk. Read these tips on how to chalk black hair.

So who’s gona try this out?  I’d love to see some before and after shots and how easy or hard it was to do.

Zane xxxx

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