Food glorious food . . .


I have to say I have eaten some of the best food I have EVER had in Amsterdam, but at the same time I had some of the worst.  Like any place it is hit and miss, however I’m going to show you the food I ate and where I had it, so you can either try it out or AVOID it!


deli france

We ate a few times at Delifrance (just opposite Primark on the ground floor) in Zaandam. The food was fresh, really nice and well priced.  They have both Dutch and English copies of their menu and the food can be eaten in or taken away.


Hermitage 12, Zaandam, +31 75 612 3397



By far some of the best food we ate was in the hotel restaurant , Pulse.  I’m not really a burger person but that burger we had on the first night was to die for! Prices were good too the burger with cheese and bacon, served with chips were about €13.50, I can’t remember how much Ryan’s chilli con carne was, it was one of the specials and the fillet of beef with chips and a béarnaise sauce was €21.50.


french cafe

We ended up finding this lovely little bakery/café on one of the side streets we were wondering along.  The smell and lovely warm atmosphere called us in.  As we sat across from the counter we had a great view down into the main bakery were the bakers were making fresh croissants and macaroons.  The smell was AMAZING, we opted for two cappuccinos (the coffee was lovely), I had a croissant with jam and butter and Ryan just went for a plain croissant.  When they first arrived at our table, I wasn’t that impressed, they were a bit misshaped and didn’t look like the typical shape.  However as the saying goes you should never judge a book by it’s cover, this was THE BEST, MOST AMAZING croissant I have EVER eaten, even better than those I have eaten in Paris itself!  The jam, we couldn’t put our finger on the flavour but it was lovely and light and fruity, not too sweet.  Altogether this cost us about €8 and was most definitely worth it, the other breads and pastries looked so tempting!



Ryan and I visited this place on Tuesday after going to the Anne Frank museum.  We picked up a card in our hotel for 10% off our bill, it was going to be near us and I really wanted some Dutch pancakes so we thought we would try it.  However when we arrived I realised they just did normal pancakes (apparently the ones I wanted and thought they sold are actually called Poffertjes).  So being lunch time I decided to go for a savoury pancake, I chose chicken, cheese and pineapple and Ryan went for an omelette.  Ryan didn’t really like his omelette, he said it was a bit too runny and my savoury pancake was HORRIBLE, the chicken was chicken strips, like the packet kind you put in sandwiches and the actually pancake was really salty and sickly.

Neither of us finished our meal because it was so MINGING! Even with the 10% discount it cost about €24 for an omelette, savoury pancake, bottle of water and a coke, which was flat!  I later on realised that the guy short changed me €10, stupidly I trusted the guy and didn’t check my change, so it actually ended up costing us €34/35! I most definitely would say to AVOID this place!!



There are Maoz vegetarian take-out’s/restaurants all over the city.  The food is lovely, we got the munchies one night and decided to try here, we went for falafels in a pita with as many toppings as we wanted for €5-6, I can’t really remember, we also decided to go for chips because we weren’t sure if it would fill us.  It really did though, it was fresh and surprisingly filling for a meal with no meat.  The chips ended up being an added bonus and by far were the best ones we ate the whole time we were away.  Ps the Dutch LOVE their chips and mayo, anywhere you go they serve them!


On Wednesday we met up with Ryan’s friend Daffy who took us to this great pub that did the GREATEST kangaroo burger I have ever tasted! I decided to go for the BBQ one that had cheese, onion rings and BBQ sauce and came with DELICIOUS chips.  You had the choice between large I think it was and not so large, this was the not so large and it was still huge!  From what I remember this was about €14 and well worth it!  The drinks were also well priced and they had drink promotions and a happy hour with a really good selection of cocktails, unfortunately I was with the guys so had to stick to the beers lol.


Thorbeckeplein 8-12, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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This is an AMAZING restaurant/take-out situated in Amsterdam Central Train Station.  All week it had tempted us in with it’s MOUTHWATERING smells and fresh, clean, and modern interior.  Finally we went in, late Wednesday night and oh was it worth it. QUICK, TASTEY, FRESH and HEALTHY the pasta was TO DIE FOR! The pasta was the perfect amount and came in a cool little takeaway box.  There was a choice of about 8 flavours and 4 types of pasta, both times we went I chose the chicken and pesto at €6.25.  If we had went here on the first day I can most definitely say I would have eaten this every day for my lunch or dinner!


Amsterdam Central Station




Ryan loves Wagamama so we decided to pop in on a wet, miserable Friday for some filling food.  I can’t remember exactly what I got but it was number 70 on the menu.  The menu and prices were pretty much the same as at home, however I must say the portion sizes were considerably larger than those you get in the one in Belfast, mind you Ryan has said he has found this the case in all the other Wagamama’s he’s been to apart from Belfast.


I can’t remember the name of this restaurant or exactly were it was but it doesn’t really matter because I wouldn’t recommend it lol.  We ended up being talked into this restaurant by a member of the PR staff telling us about their promotion – ribs, chicken, steak and chips with a free drink for €13.50, just because it was a good deal, it definitely wasn’t a good idea.  So before you get talked into somewhere see if you can see how many people are in the restaurant and any of the food people are eating.


YAY! Finally I got to have some of the mini Dutch pancakes, aka Poffertjes.  I found these at one of the markets we went to, Albert Cuypmarkt. for 10 they were €2.50 and were LOVELY, REALLY LIGHT and FLUFFY.  The lady served them with a bit of butter/margarine but I left that to the side, the pancakes alone with the icing sugar are so YUMMY!


I really wanted to try a fresh waffle while in Amsterdam, this was one I had in a small café we popped into to get warm and out from the rain.  The sugared waffle was DELICIOUS slightly warmed and with a hot chocolate. Everywhere you look in Amsterdam you can see and find waffles, a lot which are covered in chocolate or cream and strawberries etc, but I think a simple, plain one is the best!


Eating in Schiphol airport was MEGA EXPENSIVE, I decided not to go to Mc Donald’s and that I would try to get something a little healthier.  I really just should have stuck to the Mc Donald’s, I ended up eating in Bread, the food from a distance looked lovely, up close the portion sizes were tiny and prices were CRAZY!  The Panini with the smallest amount of ham, cheese and 2 pieces of sundried tomato and what seemed to be Philadelphia cream cheese, alongside the cheapest drink of coke was in total €8.60! The Panini was €5.50 and the bottle of coke was €3.10! I would most definitely NOT recommend Bread, it was expensive and really not the nicest, but we didn’t have enough time before our flight to go anywhere else.


There are cheese shops, factories and museums all over Amsterdam and I think perhaps I may have been in every one! The staff were all so friendly and some of the different shops had some slightly different flavours, EVERY shop gave samples!!!


cheese 2

cheese 3

cheese 4

cheese 5

As you can see I tried a LOT of different cheeses! This would most definitely surprise my family as I’m not really a cheese lover, however the Gouda was nice and mild and a kind of waxy cheese, the goat’s cheese though was much stronger.  I’d say the top 3 flavours I LOVED were Truffle, Pesto and Garlic, followed by the Herb and the Cumin one. I actually ended up bringing home some of the TRUFFLE and PESTO.


Finally I have to finish on THE MOST AMAZING patisserie and chocolaterie I have EVER been to! The first day I went in I was really just being nosey and took the photo’s I’m going to show you below.  The staff were LOVELY and VERY FRIENDLY, they had samples of some of their chocolates out on the counter and offered one to me, I’m more of a savoury person and would eat chocolate the odd time but OMW I have never had chocolate like this, a nice milk chocolate with a really subtle coffee truffle centre that just dissolved on your tongue!



pasterie 2

After the chocolate I really HAD to go back the next day! This time I made a purchase! I bought a slice of a kind of chocolate mousse cake, it was a short, biscuit like pastry on the bottom, a layer of chocolate sponge, a layer of chocolate mousse, topped with a small bit of cream and a chocolate truffle.  Again this was something to DIE FOR, I had NEVER eaten anything like it! Looking at how amazing all the food was I thought this would be really expensive, however it was only €2.15!  They also had more samples out, this time I think it was a madeira cake, OMW it was so light and buttery and a really big size for a sample, I was dying to ask for their recipe!!

So that is it for the food we ate in Amsterdam and for the places I RECOMMEND and would say to AVOID! Make sure to shop around and look at the food and menus before you buy, if you can.  A lot of people told me Amsterdam was dear to eat out in, however if you shop around and just walk down one of the little streets off the main squares you will find some FANTASTIC and WELL PRICED food.  The one thing I would say that is dear and you will spend your money on would be bottles of water so if you can pop into any of the local supermarkets that are dotted all around the city and buy your water there, it is much cheaper! We ended up doing this a couple of times actually for our lunch, we just bought a baguette and some chicken and made our own sandwiches out and about.  The main supermarket we went into was ALBERT HEIJN as they are basically EVERYWHERE you look!

Zane xxxx