Dress me up and let me tempt you inside . . .


Oh how much I fell in love with the windows of the shops and boutiques in Amsterdam! I loved how much effort was put into decorating the windows and making an amazing window display to lure customers in.  The windows themselves were so beautiful and creative that I just had to keep stopping and photographing!

Some of the displays and designs were so easy, yet really effective.  For those of you who see this all the time you are probably thinking, yes its pretty etc, but no need to rant and rave about it all.  Oh no, this is a big thing, this NEVER happens where I live! Yes shops advertise their products in the window, but they don’t make it as in inviting as the shops below have.  To me it makes me think ooo wow isn’t that such a cool or pretty looking shop, I want to look inside, rather than at home where you go, umm yeh that’s nice but I don’t really like it or I’d never wear that etc.

Let me show you these windows and maybe you will understand what I mean . . .

Do you guys see what I mean? Like look how intriguing these window displays are, wouldn’t you go in and have a nosey?  It’s not even like they are really expensive or lavish in the majority of the boutiques, yet they are beautiful and effective!

I so wish shops at home or just little, local boutiques would take this on board, don’t bombard us with SALE, SALE, SALE signs or as many outfits as you can in your window!

Do you agree? Would you rather see shops and small boutiques take on this approach where you live? Or do they already do this?

Zane xxxx