Where have you been?

Hey guys!

I hope you’re all good! So on Monday or possibly last Sunday I told you I would blog each day about my Amsterdam adventures, but I’ve been bad and just not had the chance.

This has probably been my first week where I’ve actually had a set daily routine where ive had to get up early every day. Normal for most of you hey, but for me this has been a real first in nearly 2, yes 2 years since having to leave work since I was sick.

The reason behind this new routine has been these little ladies . . .


Ruby, Bella and Willow, my friends little Shitsu’s (I think that’s what breed they are). This week I’ve been puppy sitting so it’s been pretty hectic juggling my volunteer work, hope groups, tutoring and small bits of socializing alongside my usual day to day routines. I have to say though I’ve loved it! Even though it took me a few days to master walking the three of them and picking up poop, (after day 1 I decided to invest in baby’s scented nappy bags) most definitely not a glamorous job! It’s been fun basically having 3 pups if my own, they get so excited to see you, shower you with love and cuddles, and their own wee personalities make you giggle! Although if Ryan and I do ever get a dog, 2 is most definitely enough lol.

I’ll share with you some of the pics I’ve taken over the week, just chilling in the house, walks along the beach and walks in the forest . . .





















So these 3 little rascals, alongside my normal day to day life are the reason why I’ve not really blogged this week. However today, fingers crossed I will have the energy and I WILL make time to share with you the rest of my Amsterdam adventures!

Zane xxxx

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30 something living in Northern Ireland and sharing the things that catch my eye, the fashion and styles I love, the places I visit and the food I eat. I initially started up blogging back in 2013 when I was recovering from cancer. Now I'm on a new journey and stage of my life, so it's weddings, adulting, and home life

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