Guest Blog – Day 7

Nice to see you! I have worn glasses since I was in Primary School!  I got teased and laughed at for the massive circles that I wore on my face.  As soon as I turned 16 I got contact lenses and haven’t looked back since….until that is the last few years. Fashion specs have beenContinue reading “Guest Blog – Day 7”

Guest Blog – Day 6

Hi everyone! I’m here on Zane’s’ lovely blog to talk to you about my passion in life- make up! Now, obviously this is a really girly post, but as most girls out there enjoy all things makeup, I’m going to be giving my best tips and tricks for all you readers! I’ve been interested inContinue reading “Guest Blog – Day 6”

Guest Blog – Day 5

The day a film crew came to town . . . Just over a week ago I started to see all over my Facebook news feed a picture of an overturned car in a street in Bangor! At first I had no idea what was going on until I saw I picture saying “Film sceneContinue reading “Guest Blog – Day 5”

Guest Blog – Day 4

This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like Alaina Marie Beaton Soileau….describing herself as the product of a one night stand between Britney Spears & Marilyn Manson and adopting the stage name Porcelain Black, she’s the girl you wouldn’t wanna mess with. With looks to envy and a raspy tone to her voice that mostContinue reading “Guest Blog – Day 4”

Guest Blog – Day 3

The magic of sport . . . The ecstasy of Istanbul through from a fans perspective. I love sport. I love absolutely everything about it. The epic highs, the crushing lows. The minutes of sheer sporting drama that define people, make people, on occasions break people. Who can forget David Beckham’s infamous back heel lungeContinue reading “Guest Blog – Day 3”

Guest blog . . . Day 2

Loreen – My Favourite Musician You might have already heard of her if you are my friend on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. Loreen is a Swedish musician and she is my all time favourite artist. I first discovered her when she entered the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. Her entry, Euphoria, an uplifting danceContinue reading “Guest blog . . . Day 2”

The Week of the Guest Blogger . . .

Hey guys so this week I can finally share with you my guest bloggers! I have had this planned for months but finally I have my 7 guest blogs gathered up! There is no theme, only that they are all guest bloggers, some have never blogged before, some have their own blog and some haveContinue reading “The Week of the Guest Blogger . . .”

School’s out for Summer!!! – Teacher Gift Ideas from local businesses

End of term and the end of the school year is fast approaching – June for those in Northern Ireland, end of June/early July for Scotland, the third week in July for England and Wales.  For many that means buying a gift for your child’s teacher and perhaps classroom assistant whether they agree with it orContinue reading “School’s out for Summer!!! – Teacher Gift Ideas from local businesses”

Oh my goodness guys it’s nearly been a month!!!

Oh my goodness guys it’s nearly been a MONTH since I last blogged, awh no that’s sooo bad! I have just had so much on and with the very rare, warm, sunny weather we have had I had to make sure I was out in it! No doubt that was our summer, but fingers crossedContinue reading “Oh my goodness guys it’s nearly been a month!!!”