Another Award!

How crazy it’s not even been a week and I have been awarded a second Versatile Blogger Award! I really can’t believe it, it is so lovely to receive an award from other bloggers who recognise the effort you put into your blogs and your posts and in turn enjoy them!


This is my second award . . . which I have now displayed on the right of my page underneath the first one!

I think the only ever thing I have ever won in my life was a silver medal for rhythmic gymnastics or I suppose if you want to call them awards my badges in brownies and girl guides . . . yes, ok, you get it I don’t win things or have many awards to my name! lol

The lovely blogger who gave me this second award . . .

Jo from

Please everyone go check out this fab blog from my new favourite Aussie!

And why she gave me my award?

‘Hey lady! Here’s another versatile award!

I really enjoy your blog and have learnt so much about skin care’

Zane xxxx