Can you believe it? It’s that time of the year already!!

Crazy isn’t it? December already, seriously where has this year gone!? 

So it’s a new month and the countdown till the Christmas holidays is on! The joys of working in a school, only 20 days and counting until I am off work for 2 whole weeks! I really can’t wait to get off and rest, spend time with my friends and family.  As much as I love being back to work, it really is crazy trying to juggle everything, hence why my blog has suffered and my blogging has become non existent! 😦

I have however decided to try out Word press again on my phone, the last phone I had really couldn’t cope with the app and it slowed the phone down and froze it something shocking, so fingers crossed this time on my Samsung that WON’T happen and I will have no excuse not to do a quick blog for you all in my spare time.

Ok I’m going to say it, you will all have it in writing . . .

Today is the Sunday the 1st of December 2013

I Zane promise to blog everyday this month

No excuses now that I have the app on my phone

They may not be long blogs but they will be blogs and no doubt full of pictures

(as that is quick and easy but ssh)


12 days of Christmas – my wish list and recommendations

Faithfully signed your busy blogger Zane 🙂


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