Recap 2013 – Part 4

October seen a lot of baking . . .

Charity baking – Marie Curie

At home baking and birthday baking

Ryan and I had date night and went to see Micky Flannagan – absolutely hilarious!!!

Ryan and I developed an addiction to Slim’s Kitchen – Healthy food and soooo tastey!

Good times with my bestie and her little ones

Celebrated my Wifey’s birthday!

Seen my first ever mini pumpkins in real life

Autumn began ^^^^^

Spent a fun filled day with my minis!!!

Carved my mini pumpkins

A lot of themed nail art

Halloween arrived

Halloween night spent dressed up with friends

Our friend’s Halloween Wedding

November began with puppy sitting

More charity cupcakes

Poppy appeal nail art and jewellery

Engagement party fondant cupcake toppers

Dinner date at my friend’s fab restaurant

Brunch date with Dad and Ryan at Harlem Belfast

The start of the Christmas/Continental Market

Up to the market with Mum, Ryan and friends

December started off with some Christmas cooking in work with the kids

Christmas Market fun with my bestie

Christmas crafting in work

Christmas baking

Drinks at the Continental/Christmas Market

A nativity play

Christmas nail art

Visiting family

Christmas dinners, with friends and work

The wifey getting a puppy!!!

Meet Alan . . .

Christmas Eve spent with my second family

With my bestie and her family

I was spoilt at Christmas

Christmas with family

Christmas dinner with family

And that is the end of my year . . .


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