For the last month or so I have had the odd email from Graze about restarting my orders, with the lovely bonus of the first three boxes half price.  I have to say I always enjoyed getting my wee box through the post every other week, but then it became a treat I couldn’t really afford so unfortunately I had to stop it.  I have to say this was no problem to do at all and the Graze team told me they would keep my info (i.e. my address) on their records so it would be easy when or if I was to return, I also was NOT pestered by emails to return, again a big BONUS!!

So let me show you what I got . . .

Oh how I had missed these colourful little boxes!

This was also I lovely little touch on the wee menu/info bit

I made sure to go onto the Graze website when I was restarting my order and pick what items I wanted to try, what I loved and what I wanted to ‘bin’. This is what I ended up getting, three I wanted to try and one I loved!

This beef jerky was on my TRY list, I’ve always wondered what it tasted like and I have to say it wasn’t too bad.  A little strange at the start, but really nice, the only thing I found was I could only eat about 4 pieces max as it started to get a bit sickly for me.  Putting it into an air tight tub though would be great and would make it the perfect snack. Calories – 91kcal per punnet

When it comes to banana I can be a bit funny and really not like it, but I thought I would give this a TRY, especially as I love pumpkin seeds and almonds.  However I found this really sweet and sickly for me after a mouthful, the banana pieces too were a little strange, they weren’t dry and hard, but were chewy, a little like a toffee texture.  All nice but far to sweet for me so I would pass on this in the future. Calories – 145kcal per punnet

This is one of my favourite snacks from GRAZE and I have it selected as LOVE IT! The mix of brazil nuts and rich, smooth milk and dark chocolate buttons, perfect! Calories – 249kcal per punnet

These were most definitely on my TRY list, totally up my street.  I am very pleased to say they did not disappoint, I love little savoury things like this and I will be adding them to my LOVE IT list for sure!!! Calories – 139kcal per punnet


Cost? – £3.89 a box, that includes delivery!!

Where? – Anywhere you want, to your home, to your work, not a problem they will post to the address you give and no one needs to sign for it or collect it, it is the perfect size to fit through your letterbox

When? – You choose – weekly or fortnightly

So just click – Graze to get started with no fear of pestering if or when you choose to stop!



To do this enter the friendcode in the promotion code box: ZANEF1F1B



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