Hyper gel, more like Lazy gel!!!

Decided tonight I would chill out, try out my latest haul of Models Own hyper gel polishes and do a quick and easy Valentine’s inspired design. Well so far nearly 2 and a half hrs in I’m STILL at it!!!! I’m now so fed up, the polish is taking ages to dry/set between each coatContinue reading “Hyper gel, more like Lazy gel!!!”

The Cardboard Mannequin

THE CARDBOARD MANNEQUIN I first spotted The Cardboard Mannequin on Instagram and just loved what I had seen. A local jewellery maker from Bangor, this is how she describes her business and why she started it . . . Welcome to ‘The Cardboard Mannequin’ the treasure trove of desirable handmade vintage inspired accessories. The ideaContinue reading “The Cardboard Mannequin”