It’s time to try out another beauty box.  It’s been a few months since I cancelled my subscription to Glossybox.  They started off good but then fizzled out for me, so when I came across this new box I was a little sceptical . . .


I can’t take the glory for finding this little beauty (excuse the pun), it was actually Mum who spotted a feature on it in YOU Magazine (The Mail).  She ripped out the page and said she straight away thought of me.  After a couple of weeks I eventually went on the website to see what it was all about.

Looking at the website I liked what I read £6.95 a month (nearly half the price of Glossybox) and each month you pick 2 of your favourite items from a selection of 12 YOU Beauty Discovery have selected. You get to see the items, can read about them, and find out the opinions of their beauty experts on the items selected.  The fact that I could pick 2 of the items I wanted was a big seller for me, no more will I end up getting loads of products I don’t want and wouldn’t use.


As you can see it’s not just two items you get.  Yes you will definitely (if in stock, but you will be notified of this before you purchase) get the two items you have selected but the team at YOU Beauty Discovery will also give you a few little extras.  The two items I chose were the Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater hand treatment and the Rimmel BB Cream.  Yet I also got the fake eyelashes from The Vintage Cosmetic Company (these were so close to being one of my top 2 items) and a couple of Dragonfly Teas.


This was the box when it first arrived through the door.  I have to say when I first got it I was a little disappointed, it was so tiny.  I thought it would just be the 2 items I had selected and then probably those tiny sachets of foundation or scratch perfume things you get in magazines in the box.


I was pleasantly pleased and proved wrong!  First opening the box I was greeted with a glossy mini magazine, a little like what you can find on the website, with information on products and top tips.


Remove the magazine and you get down to the goodies, don’t worry I set them all up properly for you so you could see what I actually got.


Like I said before there was the mini magazine, the Crabtree & Evelyn hand treatment, the Rimmel BB Cream (these are the ones I had chosen), the fake eyelashes from The Vintage Cosmetics Company and a couple of Dragonfly Tea bags.  There was also a voucher for 50p of Dragonfly Tea bags and a card to fill in a survey for YOU Beauty Discovery where you are entered into a comp to receive your next box for free.

As I mentioned the box is £6.95 a month, this includes P&P! The amount is taken from your account when you first sign up and then on the 1st of the month thereafter.  However you have the opportunity to cancel when you want to.



The Crabtree & Evelyn ultra-moisturising hand therapy was the first thing I tried out.  My hands have become so dry and old looking and I have been looking for ages and trying out different products to combat this.  As soon as I applied the moisturiser I could feel a difference, the littlest amount left my hands feeling soft, moisturised and silky.  It wasn’t a think cream and didn’t take ages to soak into my hands, even the slight old lady smell (Rose always reminds me of this) didn’t put me off.  I have been using this every day, at least once a day for the last two weeks and I still have loads left and I am truly in LOVE with the product.  That in LOVE that I have even purchased a selection of the hand therapies from the Crabtree & Evelyn website and I can’t wait for them to arrive!


The second thing I chose to try out were the lashes from The Vintage Cosmetic Company.  Usually when I wear lashes I go all out and go for the massive eye catching ones, however I was heading out for afternoon tea, a treat but not too OTT so I decided to give the lashes a go.


A very natural look and a clear glue rather than the usual white glues that come with the fake lashes I would usually wear.


I prepared my eyes by curling the lashes, applying a little mascara and a thin line of eyeliner, just so any joins weren’t visible.


This is the lash on, please excuse the slightly watery eye, my contact was playing up.  I also slightly underestimated the glue and kind of stuck my own lashes together on this eye.  I learnt from my mistakes though for the second eye and applied less glue!

N.B. the glue washed off at the end of the day with no problems


Here are the finished eyes.  I love the natural look and actually had a few people comment on how long my lashes were, they didn’t realise they were fake.  They were light weight on and I have to say the easiest lashes I have ever applied! If you are a first timer at using lashes or have problems applying them then these are the ones for you.  All I did was apply the glue, set them on my eyes above the lashes and that was it, there was no having to move them about or getting one part stuck down when the other flicks up and comes off.

I have now used these a couple of times and they are still fantastic and easy to apply, I am sure I will be using them a lot more and I’ll most definitely be looking online or out for these in the shop to see what other styles they have and then purchasing!


Finally I tried out the Rimmel BB Cream.  My skin has been playing up a lot recently, a lot my own fault for not keeping up with my skin routine.  So I have been looking to try a new foundation, the latest one I spent £8.99 on and if anything it has made my skin worse!  I have been using this for about a week now (the photos however are from the weekend when I wasn’t feeling well so please excuse the look of death and bad skin) and I still haven’t finished it.  I literally only need to use the smallest amount to cover my skin perfectly.


Maybe not the best picture to see it in, but the right side of my face has the BB Cream foundation and the left has nothing.


Here is my face completely covered with the foundation.  The colour I received was light, usually I would go straight of the medium, but I like this colour on my skin, it is natural but I don’t look too pale.


My right side


My left side.

So you can see from the picture that the sample I received was small however I have had about 7 uses from it and there is still a little left so I can imagine the full sized tube would last you a long time!  The one slight negative I would have is that it has a slight alcohol smell from it (although you may not smell this, I have a really sensitive sense of smell) so I wouldn’t advise you apply it with a hangover lol.  I most definitely will be heading out to buy the full sized tube when my sample size runs out!

I’ve still to try out the Dragonfly Tea, but I might give them ago this week, hot, natural tea might just be the perfect thing for my sore throat!


YOU Beauty Discovery also do limited edition boxes ranging in price and themes.


The Highlights from 2013 box



The Mio Limited Edition Box



The Benefit Limited Edition Box


I have actually just bought the Benefit box, I can’t wait for it to arrive and I will of course review it for you all!

If you would rather buy a limited edition box than the monthly boxes you can, however you will pay for P&P on top of the price I have shown you above.  Although as a YOU Beauty Discovery member who receives the monthly boxes you get this without having to pay extra for P&P.


Rimmel     Crabtree & Evelyn    The Vintage Cosmetic Company

Dragonfly Teas

Have any of you guys tried the YOU Beauty Discovery boxes?

Would you like to try them out?

Let me know by leaving me a comment below


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