OOTN – Outfit Of The Night

Friday night I attended my first ever fashion show and lucky for me it was one at Belfast Fashion Week.¬† It was night three, the venue was Stormont Estate, aka Parliament Buildings, it was The Charity Challenge and I was there supporting Something Different for Action Cancer. I will share with you all my picturesContinue reading “OOTN – Outfit Of The Night”

Little teaser

Last night I had a great time at Belfast Fashion Week supporting Something Different for Action Cancer.  I was planning to share my pics etc with you today but unfortunately I’m stuck in bed feeling sick! ūüė¶ Hopefully I will be back to my normal self asap and I can share everything with you! HopeContinue reading “Little teaser”

The differnce a year makes . . .

1 year older and what a difference that makes! So going for the birthday theme and 28 I have come up with 28 differences a year has made¬† . . . 1. My hair has got long! – OK not long to some people but to me this is long, I can now plait it!Continue reading “The differnce a year makes . . .”

It’s ma birthday!!!

¬† How crazy that this was me 28 years ago today! Mum and Dad¬†I bet this makes you feel old but I don’t feel a day older than 22 . . . young at heart, that’s me! I’m a strong believer that age is only a number. Oh how I’ve changed over the years andContinue reading “It’s ma birthday!!!”

Tea in the afternoon

It’s the start of¬†my birthday week like I have said, and what better way to start than afternoon tea at my favourite¬†dessert place¬†Treat Boutique¬†with my best friend?! Well that is how we spent Saturday, the sun was shining, Spring clothes were on and we were booked in for a lovely treat! Our afternoon tea .Continue reading “Tea in the afternoon”

Look inside my wardrobe

This week starts off with the end of a long weekend, today is St Patrick’s day so yay I have the day off work.¬† Now I planned all my outfits yesterday morning, before looking at the weather.¬† It¬†is apparently going to be wet and cold, but hey I have gone for a Spring look soContinue reading “Look inside my wardrobe”

Eat green like the Irish

Check out my homemade shamrock cupcakes!¬†¬†Two years ago¬†I decided to attempt to make these bad boys for St Paddy’s day, they don’t look the best but they did taste good! Using the normal cupake tin and cases I put 3 marbles in at the edges to make the shamrock shape and used green food colouringContinue reading “Eat green like the Irish”

Luck of the Irish

Monday 17th March, aka St Patrick’s Day is fast approaching so it’s time to find that little bit of Irish in you and get out and celebrate.¬† And hey what better excuse than this to change your nails and go for some nail art?! This blog will show you how to create your own StContinue reading “Luck of the Irish”