What a crazy, busy, yet fun weekend! This weekend I have been up at the Titanic Building/Quarter helping out my friends at Bannon & McCabe on their Fast Image Box for the Ulster Bride Wedding Show.


My little pass . . . access all areas!

This weekend The Titanic Building held one of the wedding events of the year for every bride to be, The Ulster Bride Wedding Show.  The top deck of the building was set up for every piece of your wedding needs, flowers, invitations, cakes, cars, entertainment, dresses, accessories, a live catwalk and of course the photography.


The added attraction of ‘the staircase’ a replica of the staircase from the Titanic film.  This was in the main hall area where the catwalk took place (I got this sneaky pic before the public were allowed in!)


My partner in crime and bestie Sarah and I (aka team awesome!) were in one of the side halls yesterday manning the Fast Image Box and the Bannon & McCabe Wedding photography stand.  Meeting so many brides to be, bridesmaids and mothers of the bride and of course there was the odd hubby to be who had come along.


We made it our mission to get as many people as possible into the booth for a fun photo experience! Many had said they had tried booths before . . . Our reply – NONE LIKE OURS! Fast Image Box are THE ONLY company in Northern Ireland to have a green screen and 3D effects!  Everyone loved it, even those parents or grannies who had come along and were adamant they didn’t want to try it, as always they ended up being the ones who enjoyed it the most!


Today Bannon & McCabe aka Malcolm and Alan (that’s Alan above in the pic with Saz and I) were able to come down and join us and good thing they did! Today was so busy and I definitely think we got more into the booth today than we did yesterday!


We even spoke to a couple of lovely brides to be that have already booked Bannon & McCabe as their photographers for their big day and the Fast Image Box for later on in the night, and those who have just opted for the booth for their night do.


I was even made honorary princess for the avo lol, I definitely made a memorable impact with everyone!





These ones were with the 3D effect background


This one is using the ‘cloak of invisibility’.

NOTE: these are my photographs of our print outs and don’t show off the amazing quality properly!

For a better look at the different themes, props and quality of the photographs click the link below:



costunlimited amount of pictures, 8 themed backgrounds of your choice (not all have to be 3D), props and 2 members of staff to man the booth.

2hrs – £300

3hrs – £350

4hrs – £400

*£50 deposit to secure your booking and pay the rest on the night

what for? – weddings, formals, parties, events, christenings, birthdays

where? – anywhere in Northern Ireland (enquiries for Southern Ireland welcomed)

booking/enquiries – call 07595 184153


facebook – FAST IMAGE BOX – https://www.facebook.com/FastImageBox?fref=ts

facebookBannon & McCabehttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Bannon-and-McCabe-Photography/152509781441938?fref=ts


Have you had a go in the Fast Image Booth? What do you think about photo booths? Did you see us over the weekend and have a go in the booth? Let me know and comment below!

And don’t forget to ‘like‘ the facebook pages when you check them out, you don’t want to be missing out on any great deals or competitions or even spotting someone you know!


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