Wardrobe of the week

Ah so last min of me, 20 mins before I need to head out I’m writing this blog, so I will add all the links for the shops at the bottom of the post, here are my outfits . . .


Monday’s Outfit – black jodhpurs (Gok Wan for Sainsbury’s), black vest top (Primark), short sleeved grey top (Primark), pastel statement necklace (Primark) and grey ‘Peter Pan’ boots (Faith).


Tuesday’s Outfit – statement print trousers (Primark), black vest top (Primark), black top (Next), necklace (Primark) and converse style trainers (TU for Sainsbury’s).


Wednesday’s Outfit – navy jodhpurs (Gok Wan for Sainsbury’s), detailed jumper (Next), coral vest top (Marks and Spencer), pumps (F&F for Tesco).


Thursday’s Outfit – jeggings (Marks and Spencer), striped top (Zara), white vest top (Primark), mint necklace (Primark), converse pumps and floral scarf (Penny’s).


Friday’s Outfit – patterned trousers (Primark), cream vest top (Primark), lime green top (F&F for Tesco), denim shirt (Primark), statement necklace (Accessorize) and converse style pumps (TU for Sainsbury’s).

Hope you all have a fab week! Here are the links to the shops . . .

Primark     Next     Accessorize     Marks & Spencer

Sainsbury’s     Tesco     Faith     Zara


Published by Zane

30 something living in Northern Ireland and sharing the things that catch my eye, the fashion and styles I love, the places I visit and the food I eat. I initially started up blogging back in 2013 when I was recovering from cancer. Now I'm on a new journey and stage of my life, so it's weddings, adulting, and home life

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