Posting to share

How things can change so quickly, how feelings can just mess up your day! This post today is sharing my feelings, I am not out for pity, sympathy or advice but with you all I am being honest with you all and sharing a bit of me right now.  I will not wallow and I will not waste more time feeling like this but if anything of what cancer and depression has taught me is that I will embrace this sadness for this moment in time to then move on and let it pass.  I will not bottle this up and hide the real me and my feelings, today I can’t hide behind a smile and pretend to be happy, because right now I am not!  This post is to share with those of you who may be feeling this way too, to know you are not alone and to know that it is normal to be sad and to embrace it at the time and move on!  These are quotes that sum up my thoughts right now!

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But I will always know those who make me feel like this . . .


My girls, my best friends, my family, those I know will NEVER hurt me, who I can ALWAYS trust, who I LOVE and will ALWAYS love me!

Tomorrow is a new day but today I will wallow in my anger and sadness and that will be all he will get, NEVER will I let someone EVER let me feel like this again!

love you guys


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