Let’s go to Lego

Friday night seen me heading to the Titanic Belfast for the Brick City Exhibition. I had seen loads of the cool pics online and had really wanted to go.  I was pleasantly surprised at the prices, £5 per adult, £4 per child and £15 per family.  Ever since I was young I have loved playing with lego, especially the sets you put together to build an actual object.

Check out the pictures . . .

These pictures really don’t do the models justice, up close and in front of you they are amazing!

It’s not all just the exhibition you can also sit and play/build with lego . . .

Check out our creations!

P.S. that first amazing one is mine! 😀 not super practical fire boat number two!

We would 100% recommend you check out the Titanic Belfast for the Brick City Exhibition! Definitely fun for all ages and a great price!

They also have a fab additional event for the Brick City Exhibition!






Hope you can get down and check it out!