Competition Winners!

A couple of days ago my fabulous bestie Christine from Queenie JB Hair and Fashion Floozy entered us into a competition to win some gorgeous jewellery from Jewellery Junkie.

Photo: Good morning! Our competition closes at 10pm today! Final day to enter.. Tag your name & 2 friends names on the pinned post at the top do our page on Facebook #love #jewellery #jewelleryjunkie

We were very lucky and came in second place which meant we could take our pick from the pendant category.  So today Christine and I went down to pick it up.

I chose the Leeanne!

Wrapped up it a cute little bag.

Christine and I.

My necklace in real life, I cannot wait to wear it!

I will be sharing all the links and more pictures and info on Jewellery Junkie this Friday, so keep an eye out!