Eco Mantella!



Awh I had the best day in work today! Eco Mantella were back in again and we all had great fun petting and holding the animals (all of which can be found in the rainforest), he has visited us before so I knew he’d be good!  Loved holding all the animals, gecko, giant millipede, and snake and then petting the owl, baby skunk and tarantula.  Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to hold the tarantula or I would have no problem! 

Have to say they were great and I’d really recommend them, great with the animals and the kids!




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30 something living in Northern Ireland and sharing the things that catch my eye, the fashion and styles I love, the places I visit and the food I eat. I initially started up blogging back in 2013 when I was recovering from cancer. Now I'm on a new journey and stage of my life, so it's weddings, adulting, and home life

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