Anchorage at Holywood

Last Saturday night was date night with the wifey (aka my best friend) with work and everything it’s been pretty hectic so we hadn’t seen each other in a while.  I was invited to come along to a ‘Pay what you think it’s worth’ night, something I had never done before and somewhere new I hadn’t eaten.  Anchorage at Holywood has been open for a while, however I hadn’t been up to try it as it was originally a fish restaurant (and I don’t like fish), but that’s all to change!

Anchorage at Holywood realised that as much as people loved eating fish and seafood it’s not something that people want to eat all the time, so they decided it was time for a change.  This is why they decided to try out the ‘Pay what you think it’s worth’ night, whilst testing out their new Bistro Menu.


2 cocktails for £10, now who can resist that?! Sarah went for a Bramble and I had a Mojito, both delicious and both very strong! I later found out the bar man (sorry he probably has a more technical name) makes them with a double shot and for the mojito he makes his own mint sorbet.

Here are the drink menus

Now for the food . . .

This was our menu for the night, unfortunately not the best of pictures due to the lighting (I think I was annoying people with the flash on my phone).


Sarah went for the Hoi Sin Duck Spring Rolls, Baby leaf salad and Sweet Soy Dipping Sauce, she found these really tasty and just the right amount for a starter.

I went for the Pressed Ham Hock Terrine, Pickled Vegetables and Rocket Salad, I really enjoyed this as a starter, not something I would usually pick but I would definitely have it again and recommend it! 


For her main Sarah went for the Pork Belly, Buttery Kale, Black Pudding Beignets, Sautéed New Potatoes, Jus Gras, again she found this really tasty, she did say in the future she maybe wouldn’t get the black pudding, because for her it was a bit rich.  This was a bonus for me though, I love black pudding so as able to steal some.

I went for the 10oz Sirloin, Home Cut Triple Cooked Chips, Grilled Tomato & Mushroom, Brandy Peppercorn Sauce, this was so good, especially the Brandy Peppercorn Sauce!  The steak too, you could cut like butter and the chips were delicious, loads of them too so I was able to share them with Sarah.

The dessert menu

Again, sorry for the bad picture quality.


Sarah went for the Apple and Winter Berry Crumble, Homemade Crème Anglais and White Chocolate Sorbet, just realising now she didn’t get the sorbet, but she didn’t even notice, the crumble and crème anglais was so good! Even I tried some (and I don’t like crumble) and it was delicious, I especially liked the nuts in the crumble.

I went for the Chocolate Pot, Poached Berries, Chocolate Crackling and Basil Sorbet, oh my word this was to die for! I have to admit I had to give in and I couldn’t finish it, I admitted defeat I was just so full! I really loved trying the basil sorbet, I’d never tried it before but it was delicious! 100% I would order this again!


So at the end of the night we were given a sheet with the menu on it and we had to write the amount we thought it was worth and what we would pay for each course and then leave a comment.  The comments are the most important part, the kitchen and management what to know people’s opinion on the food etc and would rather you are honest (I have to admit it’s easier to right it down on a piece of paper rather than tell the waiter when they come over). You then place your feedback sheet and money in an envelope, as easy as that!


We 100% will be back, we had a gorgeous meal, great drinks and fantastic service (no one but the owner knew I had been invited so we were treated just like everyone else).  The Anchorage at Holywood is very friendly and laid back.  You could dress casually or get dressed up, you won’t look or feel out of place! With nice lighting, friendly and knowledgeable staff, great live music which isn’t really loud so you have to shout across the table at your partner, Anchorage at Holywood all in all a great atmosphere and dining experience.



address – 2 Sullivan Place, Holywood, BT18 9JF

phone – 028 9543 6170

email –




Make sure to check out their website and Facebook on Tuesday to see the new changes!


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