Old me here I come!!!


This was me 3 years ago and this is the me I want back! 2 stone lighter and I don’t think I have ever looked as good! So now it’s time to get back there again!


Yesterday I made a batch of slimming world friendly lunches and snacks if I get hungry.


A planning day today with work so I made sure I stocked up and had no excuse to go for anything bad! I went for a banana and special K cereal bar for breakfast with a cup of tea.  Another cereal bar with a camomile tea for a tea break then tuna pasta salad packed with super spead veggies (2 syns for light mayo) followed by an activita yoghurt.   I also brought a small tub of couscous salad, just in case I got hungry and to stop the temptation.

I’m also trying my best to up my fluid intake so I went for water with lemon and water with cucumber.

Ahh 2 stone to lose . . . Wish me luck!