So it’s a given fact that girls are the bitchiest people around, it’s true, no matter how nice you are you will have said, thought or done at least one bitchy thing in your life.  So why, why do it, us girls should be sticking together! I have to admit that yes, at times I too can be a bitch. Never in my life being one of the popular girls (cue mean girls scenes coming into your head) I always seemed or seem to bitch about the girls who bitch about me or my friends.  This can be them being bitches to your face, behind your back, stirring things or causing drama. So to me as wrong as no doubt it is I think well yeah you bitch about me, talk about me, stir things, are fake to me and try to act like my best friend for information and drama I will state the obvious about you and be the bitch in return!

I asked before why do girls do it? The most common thing you hear is ‘oh it’s because they are jealous of you’, I never much believed that. I mean my life what is there to be jealous of? This last year of my life has been pretty pants, 50% of the time I’m in fear, scared that my cancer is back, I have anxiety, suffer from panic attacks and I’m on anti depressants. Wow the real rock and roll lifestyle there. Im not like all of the beautiful girls, I don’t get all the guys, I’m overweight and I know it, I’m not cocky or confident but I can act well and come across as a ‘normal’ person. But I did find out the other day that one person who I know has bitched and gossiped about me and no doubt still does is actually jealous of me!!!! Yeah I was liked what are you serious?!?!?

Not admitted by her of course but someone close. It really did shock me because instead of pretending to be a friend and instead being a bitch to me and saying things to hurt me and cut me down, if she took the time to be a proper friend she would see there’s not one thing to be jealous of!!!

So before you be that bitch girls try and walk a day in their shoes and you’ll soon see they have just as many problems and insecurities as you!


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