Go walking

My exercise streak is back! If any of you have seen from my instagram lately (zeejay86) I’ve been on a detox and diet since the start of June.  Initially I was good but still not really doing things properly, eating too much (even if it was all good food) and not enough exercise at all. … More Go walking

Hello new mantra

Watching Pitch Perfect 2 again and this quote from ‘Fat Amy’ made me giggle again! Perhaps this should be my new mantra. . . Prince Charming was always into horses wasn’t he?!?

A tourist @ home

Sunday avo was spent with my best friend being a tourist in our own city! We decided on our to do list we’d put on an open top bus tour of Belfast.  Forgetting how great our wee city is and seeing parts we’d never visited before this was a well spent Sunday! The Albert Clock … More A tourist @ home