Little tourists in a big city – Amsterdam Sex Museum


This post does show some explicit photos from the Sex Museum, please do not read any further if this will offend you or you are under 18!


Everyone always tells you when you go to Amsterdam you have to visit the Sex Museum.  On the road straight in front of the train station it’s one of the first key places you will spot, find out where it is on the map.  It’s so cheap at only 4 euros per person and yes there is a lot of crude things, funny picture opportunities, but there are also some beautiful works of art.  I have to say I have never seen such beautiful toilets in all my life, you constantly hear the wows and gasps as you walk in or by.  If any of you guys have been on the ‘dating’ app tinder, then this place is exactly the same/what to expect!

Now time to show you some of the pictures, as I previously said, if you are easily offended or under 18 please do not continue!