I love this time of year and all the beautiful little pumpkins and autumn leaves.  This year I have once again I’ve gone a bit mad with the pumpkin buying, but I thought I’d get a bit longer out of them for decoration this year before carving them up.


First off I had made a bit of an arrangement for my post on Tuesday, and thought to myself how good it would look on our fireplace.  I took advantage of mum’s tiredness and talked her in to letting me make an autumn display!  Eeks it looks so pretty, just check out my pics!







Published by Zane

30 something living in Northern Ireland and sharing the things that catch my eye, the fashion and styles I love, the places I visit and the food I eat. I initially started up blogging back in 2013 when I was recovering from cancer. Now I'm on a new journey and stage of my life, so it's weddings, adulting, and home life

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