Feeling Grey


The weekend brought about another change for me, my hair, as I’m sure many of you have noticed I am forever changing my look.  I’ve been trying to master the grey look for ages, I’ve tried many different colours at home and not found a colour that I’ve really liked, a colour that has lasted or one that’s combined both a loved and lasting colour.  That was until a friend of mine told me about a new colour range from Schwarzkopf!


Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Absolutes – Dove Grey

(I’ve tried to find a link for this online but can’t find one anywhere, however I picked mine up in Sally’s for £12.98)





As you can see my hair had gone back to being more blonde than grey (and please excuse that terrible last pic)


I ended up needing the whole tube for my hair mixed with 60mls of peroxide, and after 20 minutes I had my new grey colour!



wpid-img_20151107_172716.jpg wpid-img_20151107_172741.jpg wpid-img_20151107_172739.jpg

wpid-img_20151107_172737.jpg wpid-img_20151107_172718.jpg


It’s a lot darker than I had thought and a bit of a change to get used to, but I know it will start to lighten up as I wash it more.  I really like it though, a nice change coming into the Winter months and a shade of grey I really like!



So if you are looking for a range of grey colours to try make sure to take a look at the Schwarzkopf Professional Igora range.

3 thoughts on “Feeling Grey

  1. We love this post and concur regarding the fantastic colours available through Schwarzkopf, we have started a site selling the range at around half the price you bought this one for so feel free to come have a look and let us know what you think of the site?

    It’s at http://www.colourenvy.co.uk we’d really appreciate your feedback and are looking at extending our range to the absolutes very very soon! We could maybe promote some of your blogs on our site going forward? 🙂

    The Colour Envy Team,

    1. Awh fantastic!!! Unfortunately I have had to go back to brunette but I’ll try to get on and have a look soon and share it with my readers xx

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