Friday afternoon I headed down to the Fitzwilliam Hotel in Belfast for the launch of the 26th Season of Belfast Fashion Week and AW18 (Autumn/Winter 2018). I was really excited to head down and see the new trends.


As well as being excited to see all the new looks I was looking forward to visiting the Fitzwilliam hotel for the first time, I have walked and driven past so many times, yet never been inside. The venue did not disappoint; it was so beautiful and chic inside, with its warm, greeting atmosphere, tall ceilings and stunning chandeliers.


As always we were spoilt with glasses of iced West Coast Cooler, with a choice of the Original or Rose and some delicioushandmade macaroons from local company Miel et Moi.


By no means would I say that I’m a fashionista and I wouldn’t always be one to follow the trends, I’m more see something I like and wear it. I also like most people can’t afford to be heading out buying new clothes and outfits all the time; I buy the odd piece here and there. I tend to re-wear a lot of my clothes, some of which are over 5 years old, I literally wear them to the death! And seeing as I do that (and I’m a bit of a hoarder) I tend to have at least something in my wardrobe that is ‘on trend’, I mean fashion is always going round in circles, so keep a favourite piece long enough and it will be back ‘in fashion’ in no time. I love going to events like Belfast Fashion Week to see new ways to wear things; colours to put together, different ways to wear a piece of clothing, prints to clash, colours to combine or even where to buy a look I’ve fallen in love with.


I say back in fashion, to me fashion is what you make it, it’s what you want to wear and feel happy and confident in, fashion is not a uniform and everyone usually wears a piece of clothing or jewellery in a different way. I used to always feel like I couldn’t really be the person to put OOTD or WIW (Outfit of the Day, What I Wore) posts up because it wasn’t anything new or people couldn’t necessarily go and buy it if they liked it. But as I’ve come to realise most people don’t have the budget to be out buying new clothes all the time, so for me it’s about sharing brands I wear and really like; that last well (back to the statement that some of my clothes I’ve had for years), what colours or prints I put together or possibly how I wear my clothes or how I accessorise. On that note let me share with you what I wore:


From top to bottom, I have a hairbandfrom Ali Express, Jacket was in the Spring sale from Zara, blue top is about 7 years old from Dunnes Stores, Skinny jeans are my well worn favourites from Marks and Spencer, Shoes I picked up in down in Penny’s a few months ago, my bag is about 4 years old from Dr Marten’s, earrings I picked up ages ago in one of the Next outlet stores and my watch is from Cluse.


If you want to recreate this look, here are links for similar pieces plus the links for the pieces I have that are still in stock.

Still in stock

* Hairband – Ali Express * Skinny Jeans – Marks and Spencer

* Watch – Cluse

Similar pieces

* Jacket – River Island * Top – Shein * Bag – Dr Marten’s

* Earrings – Forever21 * Shoes – Stradivarius



There were so many amazing looks on the catwalk for this season’s AW18. I loved the pieces Cathy Martin pulled together, prints, block colours, high-street, supermarket, designers, clashing tartans, old with the new and much more. Hairstyled by Paul Meekin alongside their official hair partner GHD and makeup byOonagh Boman Makeup Artist & Senna Cosmetics.


It was hard, but out of all the looks I have picked my Top 10:

Look no.1. – I absolutely love this dress, this is my must have piece, it’s from George at Asda and under £20!

Look no.2.

Look no.3.

Look no.4.

Look no.5.

Look no.6.

Look no.7.

Look no.8.

Look no.9.

Look no.10.

It was so hard to pick, but those were my top 10 outfits, but let me show you the rest so you can decide your favourites for yourself.

Seriously what an amazing show, I can’t wait to see what else will be hitting the catwalks in October. A massive thank you for the invite and to everyone who was involved in putting it all together, especially Cathy and her CMPR team!



If you’re after tickets to this October’s catwalks just click here.


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