WEEK 1 – Photography


Last Wednesday was the first night of the photography course my friend Vicki and I have enrolled in. It’s at our local college and one night for 12 weeks, it’s not accredited, but a recreational course, so we are still learning, but without the pressure of assessments or traditional ‘work’ and essay writing to do. I’ve always loved photography, ever since I was a little girl and inspired by my Papa. I’ve also taken a real bug for learning at the minute, I’m loving pushing myself and learning more about a range of different things. The local college is about 5 minutes drive for me and I have said for a while now ‘when I have the time, I’ll do a part time course there’, yet never knowing what exactly I’d do, so this recreational photography course is just perfect!


Week one was very laid back and we got to know our lecturer a little more; the photos he takes and his progress over the years and some of his favourite photographers. He also showed us a range of different cameras available and told us what one was best:

  • Smart/mobile phone


  • Compact Digital Camera


  • Digital SLR Camera


  • Mirrorless Camera


  • Bridge Camera


  • Point and Shoot Camera


There you have it the main ‘range’ of cameras you can get, from a smart phone to an SLR. What’s the best one though I hear you say?

The best camera is the camera you have with you when you go to take a photo.’

So if you are out and about and you only have your phone to hand then that’s the best camera, however if you are out with your Point and Shoot camera, then that’s the best one. It isn’t about having ‘the best’ piece of equipment, it’s about how you take the photo, understanding lighting and your camera settings.

What the course will cover:

Technical ways of improving images

  • Exposure
  • ISO
  • Shutter speed
  • Apperature
  • Depth of field
  • Basic camera setup
  • White balance

Ways in which we take photos in relation to:

  • Viewpoint
  • Composition and framing
  • Visual elements e.g. line
  • Texture, pattern and more
  • Colour or black and white
  • Movement

We will also get an opportunity to have a go at:

  • Night photography
  • Using the dark room (photograms)
  • Image manipulation
  • Printing images
  • Showing our photos


These are the ‘cameras’ I have and use (we’ll I’ve just upgraded my phone to the Huawei P20 Pro). My photos are all taken using these, and most of the time it is with my phone as that’s what I always have with me. Which takes us on to this week’s ‘homework’; I’ve to bring with me 3 favourite photos I have taken. Initially I thought this would be easy, but when you take as many photos as I do it’s hard to pick just three.

I thought I’d try to hash out my favourite photos on here and first off categorise them:







So from that I think we can see I have a tough choice to make, but I’ve sat for ages and the 3 I’m going to bring with me are:


  1. NATURE – Duckling taken on my Nikon Coolpix


2. PLACE – Reykjavik, taken on my phone – huawei p9

3. NATURE – taken on my phone – huawei p9

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