The Wedding Edit – Liverpool Hen

For my third and final Hen Party I headed over to Liverpool to meet up with some of my fabulous friends!  From day dot, even before I was engaged or had a boyfriend even, I knew I would always have my hen in Liverpool.  I love the city and I have THE most amazing friendsContinue reading “The Wedding Edit – Liverpool Hen”

The Wedding Edit – Hen Parties

Yes you read right, I said hen parties, not party. Of course I of all people would have more than one hen party! Well that’s not originally how it was planned; it was meant to be one semi-planned/semi-surprised hen in Liverpool, but not everyone would be able to make Liverpool, so it turned into aContinue reading “The Wedding Edit – Hen Parties”

Little tourists in a big city – Amsterdam Sex Museum

This post does show some explicit photos from the Sex Museum, please do not read any further if this will offend you or you are under 18! Everyone always tells you when you go to Amsterdam you have to visit the Sex Museum.  On the road straight in front of the train station it’s oneContinue reading “Little tourists in a big city – Amsterdam Sex Museum”