A very blustery day!

This is my diary through the eyes of Instagram of my last day of being 26. Today started bring and early with my mum waking me up to tell me we were looking after my gorgeous little niece (she's actually my cousin's daughter, but I reckon I'm old enough now to be called auntie). We … Continue reading A very blustery day!

Easter craft ideas for kids

Today's blog is to give some you guys some inspiration for kids crafting this Easter. The ones I've suggested i found on http://www.pinterest.com, they are mega cute, cheap and relatively easy to make . . . Here's the link to get this template http://eastercolouring.blogspot.co.uk/2011/04/easter-bunny-paper-craft-printable.html Hope this gives you some inspiration and your kids love the … Continue reading Easter craft ideas for kids

Another AMAZING woman in my life . . .

Yes today is mother's day, but it's not always mum's who love you unconditionally and guide your upbringing, grandmothers can too. This will be our first mother's day without my nana, so I thought I would share with you what an amazing person she was and the memories of her that I have! This is … Continue reading Another AMAZING woman in my life . . .

Mum’s the word . . .

Today's blog of course is inspired by Mother's Day. These profiles are dedications from daughters to their mothers and mothers to their children. Sometimes it can be hard to express your love for your mum or explain just what it is like to be a mum and to have the unconditional love for your child/children … Continue reading Mum’s the word . . .

Forever friends . . .

Today's blog was inspired by my friend and I suppose in a way is a bit of a dedication to her as it is about her! 🙂 This is my friend Christine, author of http://www.fashionfloozy.co.uk We've been friends since primary school and it was either Rainbows or Sunday school, something in the local church anyway. … Continue reading Forever friends . . .

Easter crafting investments

I was in Poundland the other day and came across these fab crafting packs and ideas for Easter, at a pound each they are a bargain and brilliant to keep the kids occupied on rainy days or when the are 'bored'. They have lots of different things to do so you shouldn't run out of … Continue reading Easter crafting investments