We’re OVER!!!

After nine months my relationship with Glossybox is OVER! At the start I loved it, a little present of goodies each month for the small amount of around £15 a month. Fantastic, a total bargain at the start with so many great products, but as the months went on I felt the products were less impressive. Continue reading “We’re OVER!!!”


As an avid subscriber to GLOSSYBOX I of course receive my monthly box of goodies but also emails on updates and products. A few months ago one such email caught my eye . . . One introducing a new product, a different GLOSSYBOX, one for younger girls, teenagers perhaps. These were the goodies in theContinue reading “Miss GLOSSYBOX”

my july glossybox review

Monday brought the arrival of my July Glossybox! Over the last couple of days I’ve been trying out my goodies, and here is my review of them . . . First off I tried out the Anatomicals facial spritz.  The smell is gorgeous, so light, refreshing and summery, thankfully not a really strong smell thatContinue reading “my july glossybox review”

Not your typical Monday . . .

So yesterday I headed out for a long overdue shopping trip to Belfast (even though I was dreading it a little because I am skint) and a catch up with my bestie and other half Saz. Yeah money was tight but we decided beforehand that any buys must meet 3 pieces of criteria . .Continue reading “Not your typical Monday . . .”

GLOSSYBOX Follow up Review

Last month I reviewed the majority of the items in my GLOSSYBOX, however there were two items I was leaving to try out in Amsterdam.  They were SUNSENSE Daily Face SPF and SLEEK Makeup Blush. SUNSENSE Daily Face SPF This was actually one Ryan tried out.  He would tend to burn quicker than I would soContinue reading “GLOSSYBOX Follow up Review”

Why hello Pearl Lowe for GLOSSYBOX!

Guess who’s arrived . . . . The April Edition of GLOSSYBOX! Isn’t the box so pretty? I really love the print, would actually love it as a wallpaper! When you first open the box, you are greeted by the little booklet telling you what items you have received and a little more about them.Continue reading “Why hello Pearl Lowe for GLOSSYBOX!”

Designer alert

Eeek I’m so excited for this months GLOSSYBOX, even more than usual if that’s possible?! Look who has designed April’s box . . . Only Pearl ‘flipping’ Lowe!!! Now look at THE cutest box she has designed . . . How did I hear about this you say? Well Pearl and I are BFF’s, hahaContinue reading “Designer alert”

GLOSSYBOX Juicy Couture perfume review

I’ve been so bad this month at getting round to reviewing the products from my Glossybox in March, I promise next month I will be better! So one of the products in my box was a Juicy Couture perfume sample. I have to say I don’t think I’ve ever smelt a Juicy Couture perfume beforeContinue reading “GLOSSYBOX Juicy Couture perfume review”