So long 2018

I'm going to be honest with you, right now 2018 is a bit of a blur, perhaps I've been walking about with blinkers on all year.  I wouldn't say nothing eventful happened, because it did; instead it is maybe that the year went by so fast.  Yes there have been ups and downs, stress and … Continue reading So long 2018

RECIPE: Chocolate Bark

Definitely one of my quickest and easiest Halloween baking recipes and absolutely perfect for the kids.  The only real adult involvement is the melting of chocolate, then let the kids go wild with the rest.  You can also decide on what ever chocolate or toppings you want, there is no right or wrong, but I … Continue reading RECIPE: Chocolate Bark

Culture Night Belfast 18

Friday night Mum and I headed into the city aka Belfast to enjoy Culture Night 2018. Culture Night has been going on in the city for 10 years now, this year 'Our tenth incarnation features some fine artwork by the hugely talented Holly Pereira. Holly's re-imagining of '60s psychedelia for for Culture Night chimes perfectly … Continue reading Culture Night Belfast 18

My grinch

So why else would I be wide awake after 2 hours sleep with both my side window and skylight open wide to the world when it's 3 degrees outside?!? Yup you've guessed it my Christmas Grinch the little horrible, paranoid, disgusting, hard to control panic attack that feeds off my subconscious and messes with my … Continue reading My grinch

Meh – end of term slug

So I'd much rather be blogging and actually be trying not to neglect you guys but as it's the end of term I have the joys of paperwork!  Evaluations, reviews, funding reports, all the boring bits of my job, but the things I need to do to actually have a job!  Every year I say … Continue reading Meh – end of term slug


So it's a given fact that girls are the bitchiest people around, it's true, no matter how nice you are you will have said, thought or done at least one bitchy thing in your life.  So why, why do it, us girls should be sticking together! I have to admit that yes, at times I … Continue reading Girls

Highlight of my day

This was the highlight of my day! It's hard sometimes not to get caught up with the negatives or difficulties in work, even when you know you are trying your best and know your making a difference.  So today to review the progress of my kids and how far they have come melted my heart,  … Continue reading Highlight of my day