Nail decals

These nails were inspired by my friend Amy. She was round at mine so I could do her nails before going away on a cruise and she decided on the grey pictured above on my ring finger and we decided to do the same colour on her toes and a row of the decals (also … Continue reading Nail decals


Movember nails

Hey guys! Today I'm going to show you my MOVEMBER inspired nails and incorporate a tutorial on how to use nail transfers. Yep I was a bit of a cheat and used moustache transfers I bought off ebay. They are so easy to use and apply so I'm going to show you how. Nail transfers … Continue reading Movember nails

Nail technician – La Nails Ballywalter

I'm someone who has very weak nails, they would grow nicely for a while then break or peal. So about 6 years ago I decided I would try out fake nails/nail extensions. Over these past 6 years I have tried everything, gel nails, silk nails and acrylics and by far acrylics have worked out the … Continue reading Nail technician – La Nails Ballywalter

A place called home

From my profile you know I live in Northern Ireland, but that's pretty general, I live in a seaside village called Ballyholme. This post will kind of be a tour of where I call home and what friends I have asked are reminded of. This is a picture of the promenade and beach years ago, … Continue reading A place called home

Wedding favours

A few months ago I was privileged to be asked to make the wedding favours for my friend's mum's wedding. The only criteria I was given was 2 mini cupcakes per person. So I thought to myself what can I do to make this special and not just a plain cupcake. I searched on the … Continue reading Wedding favours

The Pretty Woman Dilemma

The pretty woman dilemma, I'm sure everyone has experience this, any girl out there probably can relate to my analogy. Walking into a 'posh/expensive' shop and the staff looking at you and treating you like a piece of dirt that that look down their nose at you. The main place for me that this tends … Continue reading The Pretty Woman Dilemma


Today's blog has been inspired by a couple of my friends commenting on how much they love this site/app and the other not knowing about it. So I thought I would introduce you all to Pinterest, and for those of you who use it already share the passion. Pinterest was a website my friend's neighbour … Continue reading Pinterest