April’s Instagram Roundup

Wow how can April be gone already?! Once again another month has totally flown in, lots of ups and one major down but I am focusing on all the ups, the time with friends and family and trips out around my gorgeous country.  I definitely took millions of pictures over this month, so many opportunities … Continue reading April’s Instagram Roundup

2013 Recap – Part 2

April was a crazy, brilliant month with soo much fitted into it! There was a baby date! These two were so cute together, my wee niece and my friend's little one! My best friend's mum got remarried I made the wedding favours . . . mini bride and groom cupcakes I found out more about … Continue reading 2013 Recap – Part 2

Why hello Pearl Lowe for GLOSSYBOX!

Guess who's arrived . . . . The April Edition of GLOSSYBOX! Isn't the box so pretty? I really love the print, would actually love it as a wallpaper! When you first open the box, you are greeted by the little booklet telling you what items you have received and a little more about them. … Continue reading Why hello Pearl Lowe for GLOSSYBOX!

Designer alert

Eeek I'm so excited for this months GLOSSYBOX, even more than usual if that's possible?! Look who has designed April's box . . . Only Pearl 'flipping' Lowe!!! Now look at THE cutest box she has designed . . . How did I hear about this you say? Well Pearl and I are BFF's, haha … Continue reading Designer alert

Haha you fool . . .

So today was the one time out if the year you are allowed to be a pain in the butt and try to fool your friends. Here are some April fools I found online from the big companies such as Virgin and Tesco . . . BMW announced the launch of their limited edition BMW … Continue reading Haha you fool . . .

Pants, all I can say is pants

Pants that's what I think of my blog posting using my phone, perhaps I did it wrong, I don't know, but clearly photo uploading through my phone onto my blog made the picture that small that you can't see if or the fact that it clearly didn't work! Perhaps phone blogging for now at least … Continue reading Pants, all I can say is pants