Culture Night Belfast 18

Friday night Mum and I headed into the city aka Belfast to enjoy Culture Night 2018. Culture Night has been going on in the city for 10 years now, this year ‘Our tenth incarnation features some fine artwork by the hugely talented Holly Pereira. Holly’s re-imagining of ’60s psychedelia for for Culture Night chimes perfectlyContinue reading “Culture Night Belfast 18”

When the weather brings you storms, find yourself a tea cup

After a crazy and busy week, I finally had a Friday off, as did Mr L . . . YAY!!! We had planned we would head up to the Gruffalo Trail at Colin Glen, pick up a sandwich on the way from the Sunflower Sandwich Bar and then head on to a random road trip of ‘goContinue reading “When the weather brings you storms, find yourself a tea cup”

Date night

Sometimes a mid-week (ok nearly mid-week) date night is all you need to get you through the week.  A reason to make sure I left work on time (yes I’ve become a work-a-holic!) we met up and headed for a coffee and to decide what we were actually doing. Little cinema session first – Daddy’sContinue reading “Date night”


Trying my best to make the most of my time off, yes I think I’ve become a work-a-holic; I’ve spent my Sunday chilling out. After hitting the snooze button a few too many times I finally got out of bed and attempted to be productive by heading for a walk. It’s so bad, I liveContinue reading “Sunday”

Birds of Paradise

A follow up to the Charity Challenge was Paddy McGurgan’s Birds of Paradise show.  This was breath taking, I have never seen something like this before and the makeup and detail on the models were outstanding!  These models had been being prepared for the show for at least 10 hours!!!! And the man himself behindContinue reading “Birds of Paradise”

Dress me up and let me tempt you inside . . .

BOUTIQUE WINDOWS Oh how much I fell in love with the windows of the shops and boutiques in Amsterdam! I loved how much effort was put into decorating the windows and making an amazing window display to lure customers in.  The windows themselves were so beautiful and creative that I just had to keep stoppingContinue reading “Dress me up and let me tempt you inside . . .”

Easter craft ideas for kids

Today’s blog is to give some you guys some inspiration for kids crafting this Easter. The ones I’ve suggested i found on, they are mega cute, cheap and relatively easy to make . . . Here’s the link to get this template Hope this gives you some inspiration and your kids love theContinue reading “Easter craft ideas for kids”

Easter crafting investments

I was in Poundland the other day and came across these fab crafting packs and ideas for Easter, at a pound each they are a bargain and brilliant to keep the kids occupied on rainy days or when the are ‘bored’. They have lots of different things to do so you shouldn’t run out ofContinue reading “Easter crafting investments”

February nail art inspiration

February is the month of love, well it is on my blog anyway! So why not show that off with your nails girls? I’ve one again trolled the Internet, Pinterest and Pose and found these pictures for my inspiration . . . Hope you all feel inspired and give these a go! I’ve a coupleContinue reading “February nail art inspiration”

Kid’s valentine craft inspiration

This blog is inspired by my volunteer job in Barnardo’s and for the children I work with over Valentine’s Day. These are some cheap and easy craft ideas you can do with kids, all found on I love the third picture down, the love bugs to do with the older kids and the valentinesContinue reading “Kid’s valentine craft inspiration”