So long 2018

I’m going to be honest with you, right now 2018 is a bit of a blur, perhaps I’ve been walking about with blinkers on all year.  I wouldn’t say nothing eventful happened, because it did; instead it is maybe that the year went by so fast.  Yes there have been ups and downs, stress andContinue reading “So long 2018”

I LOVE Marmalade and Marmite!

This was another stall I spotted the other day when I was working in Bloomfields.  This is the first time I had seen Marmalade and Marmite and I totally fell in love!  They had the cutest little baby outfits that if I had the time to stop for a good look or the money I fully would have kittedContinue reading “I LOVE Marmalade and Marmite!”

Here love . . . Smell?

Today’s blog is inspired by the sense of smell. As weird as others may think, most people have a smell they love. Perhaps because it triggers a memory, reminds them of a person or place, or reminds them of a taste they love. I found this picture on Pinterest . . . I asked myContinue reading “Here love . . . Smell?”