Yep you read it right, I am here to tell you all to go and check your boobs! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and with cancer now affecting one in two people with over 12,000 cancer diagnoses being made made in Northern Ireland every year it is so important to be aware!  I’ll alsoContinue reading “BOOBS!”

4 years – the time has flown!

Look what popped up on my Facebook today on those memory things. It’s crazy to think that 4 years ago today I had my last round of chemo. I can remember it all like it was yesterday, yet strangely it feels like forever ago! So much has changed in the last 4 years and I’mContinue reading “4 years – the time has flown!”

Cancer, let’s break the Taboo

   Did anyone watch The C Word on BBC 1 last night?  I couldn’t wait to watch it and see Lisa Lynch’s inspiring story portrayed so well by the amazing actress Sheridan Smith!  Watching her story made me think how much I wish I had shared more about my Cancer story to help others.  SoContinue reading “Cancer, let’s break the Taboo”


Today I’m STANDING UP TO CANCER! Tonight Channel4 have a TV marathon on to raise money, showing people’s stories, tips and advise and fun/celebrity sketches. This was me in November 3 years ago, weeks after my last chemo. This was me a year later (nearly 1 year free of cancer) And another year later (nearly 2Continue reading “STAND UP TO CANCER!!!”

All clear! :)

So the date came around once again, thankfully now it’s every six months rather than 3 then 4! For the next couple of years I go to the hospital every 6 months for my haematology check ups. I hate hospitals and I’m a total needle phob! So to get through this I have to applyContinue reading “All clear! :)”


Last week I watched a life changing documentary on BBC three – Kris: Dying to Live.  The programme was about a young girl called Kris who was diagnosed at 23 with aggressive terminal cancer.  It showed you her story, how she left it for ages before she went and got the lump in her breast checked out, too late and how now she isContinue reading “COPPAFEEL”

The differnce a year makes . . .

1 year older and what a difference that makes! So going for the birthday theme and 28 I have come up with 28 differences a year has made  . . . 1. My hair has got long! – OK not long to some people but to me this is long, I can now plait it!Continue reading “The differnce a year makes . . .”

I HATE you so much right now!!!

This blog is more of a rant, I’m peeved off to put it politely and I think I need a good rant! I’m not writing this to get pity or to be a glory seeker/attention seeker, but to share with others that it’s easy to put up a front and put on a performance, butContinue reading “I HATE you so much right now!!!”

My cancer story – Part 1 – getting to a diagnosis

This blog post is my story, I’m not writing it for attention or pity, I’m writing it to share my story, help others, help others understand and I suppose answer some people’s questions. it is perfectly normal for people to be interested in my story and any questions I will answer, I’m a very openContinue reading “My cancer story – Part 1 – getting to a diagnosis”