Dear Diary

Thursday 6th Sept 2018 Dear Diary Oh boy do I miss home, sounds stupid seeing as I’m sitting down at home in my childhood home and my Mum’s house right now. Summer seems to have just disappeared, I feel like I was barely back down home in Bangor and so much has changed. There are … Continue reading Dear Diary

Time for a change

What do you think of the change?  It's been a while since I updated the look of my blog, and this time I even went for a little name change.  Still My Life, My Blog, Zane, but shortening it down to M . L . M . B . Z . or #mlmbz. THE PHOTOS … Continue reading Time for a change

A change is just what I need!

I've decided I need a change, I don't feel happy in my bedroom anymore, it feels like it's under a big grey cloud.  Time to rearrange what furniture I can, invest in some new wallpaper, put up more pictures, try to declutter and make my room my sanctuary again. First off I need to pick … Continue reading A change is just what I need!

The differnce a year makes . . .

1 year older and what a difference that makes! So going for the birthday theme and 28 I have come up with 28 differences a year has made  . . . 1. My hair has got long! - OK not long to some people but to me this is long, I can now plait it! … Continue reading The differnce a year makes . . .

Hair Raising!!!

Hey guys! So I have a dilemma and need your help! I cant decided on a hair colour for the front of my hair. At the moment it's lilac, I bleached the front of my hair a few weeks ago and I use directions hair dye it is semi permanent and fades each time … Continue reading Hair Raising!!!