Little tourists in a big city – Say ‘CHEESE’

Everywhere you turn in Amsterdam you will come across a cheese shop or factory, I’m not exaggerating here people, they are everywhere!  This year I only went into a few of the cheese shops, last time I was in them all the time, helped food wise when you are doing Amsterdam on a budget! WhyContinue reading “Little tourists in a big city – Say ‘CHEESE’”

ooo how continental of you . . .

(photo above from AT LAST! We finally have a lovely sunny day, which out of the shade I could even say is quite warm! I’m just home from a wee coffee date with my friend Nicky, down in Café Nero in Bangor. After a coffee boost and a lovely wee scone we decided toContinue reading “ooo how continental of you . . .”

Food glorious food . . .

FOOD I have to say I have eaten some of the best food I have EVER had in Amsterdam, but at the same time I had some of the worst.  Like any place it is hit and miss, however I’m going to show you the food I ate and where I had it, so youContinue reading “Food glorious food . . .”

Nigella with a healthy twist

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Nigella Lawson! Her food is AMAZING, she’s a real woman, has a womanly shape and is so passionate about cooking and baking. This post is inspired by Nigella and puts a slightly healthier twist on her quick and easy ‘pasta risotto with peas and pancetta’. On page 43Continue reading “Nigella with a healthy twist”