My Look Book

Recently I’ve really been making an effort to take photos of my outfits, one to share on my instagram and join in with a few fashion hashtags, but also for memories of what my outfits look like together.  So often I get stuck in a rut about what to wear or just wear the sameContinue reading “My Look Book”

Guest Blog – Day 7

Nice to see you! I have worn glasses since I was in Primary School!  I got teased and laughed at for the massive circles that I wore on my face.  As soon as I turned 16 I got contact lenses and haven’t looked back since….until that is the last few years. Fashion specs have beenContinue reading “Guest Blog – Day 7”

Living out of a suitcase

FASHION, SHOES AND ACCESSORIES So I actually tried to avoid as many shops as I could when I was in Amsterdam, only because the budget and small suitcase really didn’t allow for shopping . . . I know 😦 but it wasn’t a shopping holiday it was more of a sight seeing one.  However I did manageContinue reading “Living out of a suitcase”

Converse nails – tutorial

Hey guys, today I’m going to show you how simple it is to paint converse trainers onto your nails. These look super cute and even on just one finger is eye catching. Why not co-ordinate them with you’re own converse . . . what you will need . . . a base coat polish aContinue reading “Converse nails – tutorial”