The Wedding Edit – Home Hen

This was hen number one, my home hen with friends and family and we headed up to Belfast.  This was my more ‘classy’ and sensible hen party; we all headed out to dinner and a Murder Mystery.  I have always wanted to do a Murder Mystery, I love crime series on TV and for someContinue reading “The Wedding Edit – Home Hen”

Syn free Sunday Roast Dinner

Bit pants this week, I weighed myself this morning and I’ve only lost 1lb,  but I reckon it was because I was eating the wrong cereal bars as my Healthy b (heb).  With that blip I was more determined today to get back on plan! Brunch was bacon (all fat removed) with scrambled egg andContinue reading “Syn free Sunday Roast Dinner”

On the twelfth day of Christmas –

On the twelfth and thirteenth day of Christmas I spent time with my family and ate, yup basically that was it, but isn’t that what Christmas is for? CHRISTMAS DAY Opening prezzies in the morning with Mum . . . I was definitely one very lucky girl this Christmas, completely spoilt!!! Starting off with oneContinue reading “On the twelfth day of Christmas –”

Time for a Soak

Ryan’s birthday is fast approaching but with both our work schedules it’s hard to find time to do things together or have the same day off. However last week was different both Ryan and I had Thursday off work so we headed up to Belfast to Tennant’s Vital to see one of our favourite bandsContinue reading “Time for a Soak”

Inside The Secret Garden

For a few weeks I had been tempted and teased on the way to work with posters and signs advertising somewhere called The Secret Garden.  This got me thinking, I’m sure there would be a Facebook page, sure there is one for everything these days isn’t there?  To my delight I was right, I hadContinue reading “Inside The Secret Garden”

Flippin’ fantastic – My favourite crepe recipe

Today’s blog is inspired by pancake day. This is a recipe we used to have every year and I love! The recipe I use is Delia Smith’s and from her book ‘Delia Smith’s Complete Cookery Course’. Ingredients – 110g plain flour – a pinch of salt – 2 large eggs – 200ml milk (mixed togetherContinue reading “Flippin’ fantastic – My favourite crepe recipe”